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Steve Aoki is no stranger to the Metaverse. From his genesis NFT collection ‘Dream Catcher’ in 2021 to launching his NFT membership community A0K1VERSE shortly after, and now collaborating with Neon Future and Heavy Metal, Aoki is one of the most imaginative voices in the metaverse.
Continuing to break boundaries and merge the physical and digital worlds, Aoki is bringing the physical to the digital. Back in May 2022, the NFT creative graced the cover of fantasy and science fiction magazine Heavy Metal. You can now own this iconic artwork for yourself, with 777 cover-art-inspired NFTs launching as an NFT collection. You do not want to miss this drop. The collection brings together art by the iconic Greg Hildebrandt and characters from the critically acclaimed Neon Future comic book, published by Tom Bilyeu’s ‘Impact Theory’.
Allowlist for the NFTs will open up on August 29th at 9AM – 2PM PST for 1 SOL to the Oddkey, A0K1VERSE, Heavy Metal and Impact Theory communities. Public sale begins on August 29th at 2PM PST for 1.5 SOL.

This much anticipated NFT is Steve Aoki’s first collection to launch on Oddkey. Featuring a limited edition version of Heavy Metal Magazine’s May 2022 cover, the NFTs are illustrated by Greg Hildebrandt. You likely know Hildebrandt for his legendary 1977 Star Wars poster.

Speaking on the collaboration, Matthew Medney – CEO of Heavy Metal Magazine – had this to say:
“The blend of Heavy Metal & Neon Future through the lens of Greg Hildebrandt is nothing short of spectacular. Sprinkle in the iconic Todd McFarlane and his vision of art and we have something memorable for the fans. This collaboration touches on over 70 years of science fiction, fantasy & horror moments.” 
This collection is not Hildrebrandt’s first NFT. The legendary poster artist has previously created in Web3, with his project Rule the Mob. Hildebrandt’s NFT project is a blockchain trading card game created in collaboration with Artist Fund and Heavy Metal Magazine.
Amongst the 777-piece NFT collection there will be hand-drawn one-of-one digital signatures – 43 with Aoki’s signature, 43 with Greg Hildebrandt’s signature, and 43 with Impact Theory founder Tom Bilyeu. If you are extremely lucky you could mint one of the 7 which contain signatures from all three men. 
However, whether you have an NFT with or without a signature will remain a mystery until post-mint. Dropping in a ‘blind-box’ fashion, you mint without knowing what you will receive, and only after this process will you discover if you have been lucky enough to mint a signed NFT. By dropping the NFTs in this way this also allows the community to determine which piece is the most valuable. 
This is the first of Aoki’s collections to drop on the Solana-based marketplace Oddkey. Launched in 2021 by Aoki and Todd McFarlane (creator of both Venom and Spawn) Oddkey has become the primary meeting place for creators and collectors of this pop culture. It is a place where you can connect with other collectors, creators, and get your hands on digital versions of comic collectibles and sell your digital artwork on this Solana-based marketplace for free. To keep an eye on allowlist and mint dates check the Oddkey Twitter here
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Koko is a writer originally from Wales, now living in Australia. Koko is inspired by the creativity and innovation of Web3, and has previously worked within NFT born brands. With passions lying in both creativity and mental-wellness, Koko is also a qualified Therapist, and is captivated by the space between which self-love and creativity meet.

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