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Todd Terry’s ‘Fuzzbox’
GROOVEMINT is offering music NFTs by GRAMMY-nominated DJ/producer TODD TERRY and INHOUSE RECORDS, with exclusive digital extras that can be downloaded after purchase.
TERRY's NFT bundle includes content that focuses on his 2000 “Fuzz Box” release, as well as a bonus digital download. Purchasers will receive a signed, limited-edition copy of the original "Fuzz Box" vinyl, an exclusive download of "Fuzz Box — 2022 NFT Mix", behind-the-scenes video footage from the remix recording, and exclusive artwork along with a digital compilation of 190 TERRY samples with royalty-free commercial use rights. Future GROOVEMINT NFT drops include multi-instrumentalist and producer KR3TURE and MALLABEL.
INHOUSE RECORDS managing partner BILL KLATT said, “TODD TERRY has been an active participant in the space and is excited about the world of NFTs. He’s especially drawn to the level of control that GROOVEMINT is giving to artists and labels in building their own launchpad for NFT releases."
GROOVEMINT co-founder KIRT DEBIQUE added, “Artists like TODD TERRY and KR3TURE are leaders in the music NFT space. We are excited to further their venture into Web3 with their upcoming groovemint releases, and build bridges across various NFT marketplaces for the artist, label, and the fan.” 
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