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NFTs aren’t going anywhere, market conditions aside, their rise to undeniable success has only just begun. In fact, one NFT project is taking the world by storm and positioning itself to become one of the most popular NFTs to date.
The Peculiar Pugs are a limited collection of 10,000 NFTs expertly crafted by a world-renowned artist going by the pseudonym Sonik Wray. He has made significant contributions to the animation and gaming industry since the early ’80s and is best known for creating and working on many popular and instantly recognizable characters for The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, Nintendo, Sega, and many others. Peculiar Pug owners are assured that their pug has been carefully designed and crafted with love and skill by an artist whose work they’ve grown up with over the years.
The team behind Peculiar Pugs launched their presale in conjunction with the much anticipated Ethereum merge, which experts are also eyeing as Ethereum’s way to take Bitcoin out of the top spot. The merge reduced Ethereum’s carbon footprint by an astounding 99.95% and the team purposefully delayed their launch to ensure that the pugs did not leave a massive carbon footprint like the NFTs that came before them. Peculiar Pugs are among the first environmentally friendly NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain since the merge.
NFTs are starting to make their way into the mainstream, getting adopted by companies like Twitter, Instagram, and now even Starbucks. The use cases for NFTs are going to expand tremendously in the coming years, especially with Ethereum’s recent merge to an energy-efficient proof-of-stake consensus,” the team expounds.
Owning a Peculiar Pug gives the owner full commercial usage rights to license out or reprint the art associated with their NFT and use it as branding on anything they want to sell, from clothing lines to liquor to restaurants and hot sauce. The imagination is the only limiting factor on how Peculiar Pug owners can utilize their NFT.
Each Peculiar Pug also serves as a VIP (Very Important Pug) Pass giving owners access to exclusive members-only areas, events, and a continuously growing list of benefits.
Peculiar Pug owners will be granted all of the aforementioned perks as well as additional member benefits when certain sales milestones are reached, including exclusive airdrops, charitable donations, official merchandise, NFT breeding, and more.
The Peculiar Pugs are giving everyone an equal opportunity to purchase an NFT for 0.1 ETH. There will be no price tiers, purchase limits, or wave selling. All 10,000 pugs will be released simultaneously and will be randomly assigned. The pugs will have varying degrees of rarity, making some of them more valuable than others. Each pug’s uniqueness is generated from over 138 different traits, giving all of them a one-of-a-kind look.
The creators are ensuring that, as enthusiasts are investing in them, they are also investing in their supporters. The team proudly shares, “This is just the tip of the iceberg, we have extremely detailed plans for the future that have been in place since the start of the project. Even in this first launch, we are already offering more than what some of the most popular NFTs did during their first launch.”
With the presale currently underway, the Peculiar Pugs are scheduled to be revealed and publicly launched on September 23. This is undoubtedly an event that should not be missed by NFT collectors, investors, and enthusiasts alike.
Learn more about the Peculiar Pugs by visiting their website or following their Instagram and Twitter.

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