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Just south of Yountville and nestled against the Napa River, The Oasis at Hoopes Family Vineyard offers a family friendly farm experience and refreshing take on wine culture.. Lindsay Hoopes is the second generation proprietor, on a mission to highlight the bounty of Napa Valley. Yes, The Oasis at Hoopes Family Vineyard serves remarkable wines, but Lindsays passion for sustainable agriculture, increased biodiversity and animal rescue set them apart. 
Hoopes Family Vineyard has partnered with Cuvée Collective to launch their first NFT collection. Read on to find out more!
Through purchase of the Hoopes Family Vineyard NFT, customers will hold the key to the farm, so to speak. Guests who visit The Oasis in person will enjoy $0 table minimums for a full calendar year, as well as the added perk of a basket of seasonal vegetables and produce to bring home with them each visit. NFT holders who prefer a digital benefit have the option for a flight of wines to be delivered to their home & Cuvêe Collective will coordinate a digital tasting experience with the Hoopes Vineyard team. 
Cuvée Collective is working with Dapper on the technology behind the platform using the Flow blockchain. Flow is the leading blockchain platform for NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day. “Cuvée Collective was developed to provide exclusive opportunities for both the wine and NFT industry,” says CEO and Founder Andrew Allison. “Growing up in Napa Valley and developing a deep understanding of the wine industry, my plan for Cuvée Collective is to add a new dimension to the wine collecting experience. We look forward to our members experiencing all that Cuvée Collective and the unique wine world of Napa Valley has to offer.” 
65 Hoopes Family Vineyards NFTs are being offered. They can be purchased on the Cuvée Collective website.

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