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The NFT industry is riddled with projects that suffer from a short-term vision rather than a long-term mindset. Speculation and greed reign supreme, and community engagement is often an afterthought. With the help of Snook’s BBT-themed rooms, all of that may finally begin to improve.
Many people agree there is good money to be made with non-fungible tokens. Unfortunately, that desire to profit off digital art and projects has made everything else secondary. Money shouldn’t be the primary objective in this industry, yet the majority of projects have nothing else to offer. Looking at the profile picture (PFP) collections across different blockchains, they have a solid community but fail to interact with them other than to drive speculation.
Granted, there are plenty of projects taking a community-first approach. Unfortunately, those often get buried by other collections, as that means the NFT value will drop significantly over time unless there is solid utility. That has been a pain point in this industry since day one, as NFTs and utility are a tricky combination to get right.
Snook, the online multiplayer IO game, has a solution to provide entertainment to communities and grow NFT brands.Its BBT-themed rooms are open to any partner project and will help establish branded environments for projects to engage with their communities. Partner projects can organize tournaments and game nights based on Snook’s “Snake”-like gameplay and Pay-per-Kill mechanics.
Every BBT-themed room is a token-gated environment. Users who do not meet the criteria can still see the room, but they will need to acquire the token to enter. Eligible users can instantly access these locations and hang out, play games, etc. In addition, all users can create tournaments and offer prizes for other competitive events.
The BBT-themed rooms are an exciting addition to the broader NFT industry. Moreover, they help re-establish the importance of community interaction and engagement. That also means anyone passionate about gaming, NFTs, multichain technology, and interoperable blockchains can use this model to touch base with their audience or meet new like-minded people. The opportunities are virtually limitless with Snook’s new solution, and several brands have taken notice already.
The first two partners leveraging these BBT-Themed rooms are Unstoppable Domains and LobsterDAO. Unstoppable Domains users can play against other UD holders in the exclusive BBT-themed room. Furthermore, they can play with special Snooks tailored to the Unstoppable Domains brand, and there may be token prizes for the winners.
LobsterDAO also received a native BBT-themed room courtesy of Snook. The first community get-together in this location will be a game night, on which the entire LobsterDAO community could vote until August 14, 2022. It is good to see the DAO engage their community on a solution that is designed to improve community engagement further.
More partnerships are on the horizon, as these BBT-themed rooms are an exciting way to strengthen brand visibility and establish a “home base” for supporters and community members. Additionally, the native interactivity with Snook’s game ensures users have something to do, and they can potentially earn rewards by doing so.
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