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  • A recent analysis found that between April 2020 and April 2022, job posts for cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and NFTs increased by a staggering 804%.

Want to earn lakhs every month? Try the Web3 space
With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of the Web3 space, workers in the tech sector are more in demand than ever, especially those with knowledge of blockchains and their applications like cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
A recent analysis by the job search website Indeed found that between April 2020 and April 2022, job posts for cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and NFTs increased by a staggering 804%.
The survey also showed a startling 315% increase in market demand.
Here is a guide to help you get over your misgivings and ride the wave if you still have any qualms about working in the cryptocurrency and NFT industry.
Why work in the NFT and crypto space?
Developers have a very high adoption rate.
SlashData research shows that a significant portion of developers (about 67%, 59%, and 48%) are interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and NFTs.
The future of crypto-related technology may be seen in learning rates as developers keep a lookout for updates and fresh trends.
As a result, it is extremely possible that the subjects they research and explore will be well-liked.
Global businesses joining the sector
Multinational corporations Adidas, Visa, Louis Vuitton, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Pringles spend a lot of money on digital assets.
Hefty wages
Earning a large compensation is a perk of working in the crypto and NFT industries.
The pay chart displays maximum earnings of $500,000 and average yearly incomes ranging from $63,000 to $120,000.
Notably, estimates show that VC firms invested $30 billion in blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses last year.
Talent shortage
It is interesting to note that despite having ample capital to invest, many businesses operating in the sector struggle to locate enough qualified candidates.
Developers are hard to come by; in Singapore, for instance, demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals has surged by 80%.
The number of Web3 developers has climbed to over 18,000 monthly active developers, which is a record high, according to Electric Capital.
And it is rare in the industry; for example, DeFi has just 1,000 developers managing smart contracts with assets worth more than $100 billion.
Advantages of working in the field
Companies employ a lot of non-tech personnel as well, despite developers being the most sought-after workers.
There is a need for market researchers, copywriters, community managers, recruiters, sales managers, financial analysts, etc.
The market’s growth is bringing up new career opportunities, including those for token economists, NFT drop specialists and crypto art promoters.
Your compensation will be market-competitive.
You have a lot more room to express yourself.
You join the group that is changing the planet, giving you the chance to focus on innovation and develop a road map for noteworthy inventions that will have a big influence on our lives.
Drawbacks of working in the field
A developer must possess excellent technical skills, including command of technologies such as Solidity, Golang, C++, C#, Python, and React.
Even if you are not a developer, you will need at least a general grasp of the cryptocurrency industry, such as how traditional marketing and crypto marketing vary.
Thus, if you are a beginner, be prepared to put in a lot of study time.
The cryptocurrency market is expanding very swiftly. The saying of Lewis Carroll, “If you wish to stay put, you should escape as swiftly as you can,” is quite true.
What salary should one anticipate?
Designers may make up to $80,000 annually, while product managers can make up to $114,000 annually.
In comparison to community and SMM managers, marketing professionals often earn $75,000 a year on average.
Once more, the pay would be in line with your credentials, your level of expertise, and the nation in which you are situated.
For instance, ZipRecruiter reports that the average annual wage in the United States is $120,405 per person.
Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be hesitant to haggle over your compensation because the range spread might be very wide.
The websites listed below can be used to discover suitable employment
AngelList Talent
Crypto Jobs Daily
PRO advice on landing your dream job
Become more knowledgeable about NFTs and crypto. A recruiter may ask, “What protocol do you prefer?” depending on the position.
There are several places where newcomers may get the guidance, like the OpenSea blog, Binance Academy, Crypto Explainer+, NFT Now, glossaries, 99Bitcoins YouTube channel, and others. For guidance, look into OneArt Medium as well.
Networking is crucial to cryptography. Join the OneArt Discord server, Telegram group, and Binance Community, among others, to interact with the community.
Use cryptography by creating a wallet and an account on a website, for example.
Update your CV to match the needs of the job you desire, even if it may seem obvious.
Have you participated in meetings, contributed to projects, or published articles on cryptocurrencies? That also functions.
Consider your soft skills as well, such as your ability to learn quickly, collaborate with others, adapt quickly, and be motivated by yourself.
Be persistent, as well as willing to learn.
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