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Today, high-quality photos of rare natural moments, scenes, and humans are being peddled on decentralized networks for monetary gains in the form NFTs. So if you’ve landed here you’re probably wondering how to sell your photos as an NFT. 
First thing’s first though and that is…
Non-Fungible Tokens –NFTs– are tokens om the blockchain with unique metadata, representing a digital or physical item. NFTs can be anything from avatars, music, and domain names, to a piece of art, GIFs, animations, videos, photos, etc.
This made NFTs a gigantic industry for artists of various forms, including photographers. NFTs have paved another way for photographers to monetize their profession and passion.
By minting their photos as NFTs and listing them for sales on NFT marketplaces. 
Minting involves uploading your photos as digital files on a blockchain network where it is recorded on a tamper-proof ledger called DLT –Decentralized/Distributed ledger technology.
After minting, NFTs can be sold in exchange for cryptocurrencies which are paid to your crypto wallet and subsequently exchanged for fiat currencies.
Minting and selling your photos as NFTs is pretty simple; below is a step by step guide.
There are several blockchain networks, but not all are suitable for minting NFTs. For a blockchain to be compatible with NFTs, it must be a blockchain that has a smart contract. The smart contract unlocks many features of NFTs, including buying and selling. Examples of notable blockchains compatible with NFTs are:
2. Set up a Cryptocurrency Wallet compatible with your choice of blockchain
Crypto wallets are digital wallets that store fungible and non-fungible digital tokens. Fungible tokens are the cryptocurrencies, while non-fungibles are NFTs. Both tokens can be held or stored in the same wallet.
Since the most common network for NFTs is Ethereum, the compatible wallets include MetaMask, TrustWallet, WalletConnect, and Coinbase wallet. The wallets mentioned above are non-custodial, i.e., they are not hosted on any crypto exchange platform.
If you’re choosing other blockchains, make sure to research which wallet is best suited for that particular blockchain. 
After setting up your wallet, the next is to add cryptocurrency to your wallet. This can be done by buying compatible crypto from exchange platforms and sending it to your wallet.
Depending on your geographic location, you can purchase crypto directly from your wallet using your credit card or other means. If you’re using the Ethereum blockchain, you should buy or deposit ETH –Ether – which will be used to offset gas fees.
Marketplaces are special open markets where NFTs are listed for sale. There are several NFT marketplaces, but the suitable ones for photo listing include:
Connecting your wallet to the preferred marketplace begins with setting up an account with personal details and signing in to the account. Then you can click on your profile to connect your wallet.
Let’s take OpenSea as an example:
After setting up your OpenSea account, the next is to get into action by creating your photo NFT. 
After successfully creating your photo NFT, the next is to list it on the marketplace, but before you do that, you must do the following:
All done!
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