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British multinational universal bank HSBC filed NFT and Metaverse-related trademark applications for its name and logo. HSBC filed with the United States Trademark and Patents Office (USPTO) on 15th December, 2022.
#HSBC has filed trademark applications for its name and logo. The applications indicate plans for:

▶️ Digital media backed by NFTs
▶️ Virtual currency exchange + transfer
▶️ Virtual credit card processing
…and more!#NFTs #Metaverse #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #Crypto
HSBC is looking to develop virtual goods, namely bank cards, cash cards, cheque cards, debit cards, and more authenticated by NFT for use in online virtual worlds. Processing of virtual payment card transactions, virtual prepaid cards, virtual debit cards, and virtual credit cards in the metaverse is also in the pipeline.
HSBC also wants to host an online website for the provision of financial information, data security services, online communities for digital assets, NFTs, metaverse, etc.
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