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The very first marketplace has been created specifically for esports and gaming non-fungible tokens.
Up and coming web3 team IKONIC are behind this new project that was first brought to the service in January of 2021. This was a great time for new prospects to be born.
This NFT marketplace will allow online creators, gaming personalities, and professional esports players and teams to release their own NFT collections to fans.
The concept behind IKONIC is to allow users to own historic moments from gaming history, giving these figures a new way to engage with their fans.
Image Credits | IKONIC
The IKONIC platform has its own currency called the IKONIC token.
The CEO of this most recent project has gone on to also point out further facilities made available by the IKONIC marketplace.
“In addition to the NFT Marketplace, the Indie Game Launchpad allows game developers and the community to come closer together, get access to exclusive content and in-game items.”
Sebastian Ionut Diaconu, CEO of IKONIC
As seen on the IKONIC website, the process for getting started is fairly simple and user-friendly.
Simply upload a clip, then trim/edit it down to the specific frames you are looking for. You are then given an array of templates to choose from which to include your content in. Then, to finish it off, you mint your NFT. Choose the specific number of them, the collection description, and finally the base price for your collection to start at.
As many will know, the blockchain and gaming sectors are growing industries that are doing so at an incredibly fast pace.
The gaming industry is currently valued at $300 whilst the NFT/crypto market is valued at just under $1 trillion at the time of writing, a fairly low point for the market due to the current bear market conditions it is facing.
Forecasts predict that both of these industries will grow exponentially in the next few years in popularity and also in monetary value.
Image Credits | IKONIC
IKONIC could prove in the long term to be a popular prospect due to the fact that it is revolutionising the way gaming and esports interact with different aspects of web3 technology.
Making use of the IKONIC marketplace for consistent users further incentivises user longevity. Tokens can be staked for further perks and rewards. You will receive royalties on the NFTs you create and gain further rewards when fans interact with your own collections.
IKONIC also plans to implement burning mechanisms on their platform, giving users the opportunity to burn their own tokens for rewards. They will also be providing a service to the blockchain that this project is built on.
This is a very fresh, exciting new prospect that still has plenty of room for development. Once big industry names and companies get the word out about IKONIC and are able to see it for the potential it has, it could cause a massive injection of users.
This may not be the first or the last time you hear about the IKONIC marketplace!
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