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The crypto market appears to be at a bit of a crossroads. It is currently experiencing a strong crash, but there is still conviction in the technology and many of the projects in the space. Investors may want to shy away from investing, but there are always gems to find in low periods like this.
As the crypto market picks up and we head into 2023, there will be some projects that outdo others. Here, we list 5 tokens with great potential for 2023.
The reason The Uncharted is at the top of this list is simple. There’s something truly unique about this: it’s an NFT collection that is tied to the performance of a High-Frequency Trading fund. Holders of the NFTs, of which there are a total of 21,000, will receive quarterly distributions of profits from the fund.
The sales revenue from the NFT itself is what goes towards the fund, which is the XETA Capital Fund (XCF) High-Frequency Trading fund. This is a proven fund with a strong historical performance, with an annual return rate of 400% going by what the project’s details describe.
The fund has a 36-month investment period, though investors can drop out of it at any time by selling their NFTs on OpenSea. After this period, the fund is split evenly between the NFT holders and The Uncharted LTD.
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The team has described the mission of the project as bridging traditional finance and decentralized finance. An increasing number of crypto projects are mulling this idea over, but The Uncharted is among the first to actually make good on it and certainly the first to do it with NFTs.
The Uncharted NFT collection is set to launch in Q1 2023, with the first chapter focusing on “The Southern Ring Nebula.” The team will be releasing more chapters after that, and chapters 2 to 4 are already under development.
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As a P2E game, Calvaria may seem like a surprising entry on this list. However, whether or not the market is down, P2E games still hold a lot of clout among crypto participants, and Calvaria is one of the most unique of its kind.
The key differentiating factor of Calvaria is its accessibility. The game is available in both F2P and P2E modes and on both desktop and mobile devices. Players don’t need a crypto wallet, to hold or buy funds, to get started playing either. These qualities make it one of the most welcoming P2E games for non-crypto users, who can often be intimidated by such games.
Calvaria is a card battler game that is set in the afterlife, with players holding NFT cards that represent various factions. Like all great P2E games, Calvaria has a great art style that immediately catches the eye.
Other features that make Calvaria a good consideration for investment are a staking functionality, a DAO, an in-game store for NFTs and other assets, mini-games, and a scholarship system.
The Calvaria presale is currently ongoing with 1 USDT = 33 RIA. This is the fourth stage of the presale, and the final stage will see the price go up to $0.0325.

Silks is another P2E game with massive potential to rope in the real world, which makes it a strong contender as a good investment opportunity for 2023.
This  P2E game has a metaverse that mirrors the real world of thoroughbred horse racing. In other words, when a horse in the real world wins, it is reflected in Silks. You can see the marketing and adoption potential here.
Players can earn through various means in Silks and there are several NFT collections to this end. This includes Avatars, Horses, Stables, and Land. The activities that players can participate in are buying, breeding, trading, and racing horses – though there is much more.
In order to play the game, players must have a Silks Avatar, which is a digital jockey for their horses. These are already on sale and quite popular, so they are worth checking out. Silks yearlings – 1-year-old horses – have also been revealed and these mirror real-world yearlings.
In-game activities reward players in NFTs. Examples of these include staking in the Community Horse Farms or just building Horse Farms on Silks Land.

So why Dogecoin, a meme coin that appears to go up and down at a whim? This token does not usually subscribe to the law of market forces. Dogecoin had a very noticeable spike in recent times because of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. Such incidents and price increases often happen with meme coins, and Dogecoin is at the head of that pack.
The token is always susceptible to a price bump and being a historical part of the market it might just be worth looking into, at the very least. Investors will want to look at tokens with more utility, but that doesn’t mean they should ignore tokens such as Dogecoin.

Now this one might be coming out of left field, given that bitcoin is tanking so much, but there’s a good reason for this.
Bitcoin comes back after a price drop. Time and time again, it has proven itself to be resilient and always reaches new highs, and many might say that the token is now at a bargain price. It only took a year for bitcoin to go from $18,000 to $69,000, so there’s hope yet.
Yes, the market is having a difficult time, but bitcoin leads it and it is the asset most institutions have their money in.
The current crypto crash might seem like all doom and gloom to investors, but it’s not really the case. The market always goes through these periods and it comes back stronger. There are always gems waiting to be found and this bullish period may be the right time to get in. The projects mentioned above are worth considering as investment opportunities and may prove themselves as we head into 2023.
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