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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Co., the world’s best-selling whiskey brand, recently filed an NFT and metaverse trademark application. Although many brands have started entering the NFT space, it is pretty surprising that Jack Daniel’s — one of the oldest Whiskey brands in the US – is not shying away from joining the NFT space. 
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Co. is now moving to the NFT space. So, is the brand likely to see more success with the move? 
Although the brand hasn’t announced its move into the NFT world yet, a trusted source confirmed the news. On September 19, Mike Kondoudis, an intellectual property trademark attorney, shared in a Twitter post that Jack Daniel’s made an application for three metaverse and NFT trademarks. 
Virtual whiskey?#JackDaniels has filed a new trademark application claiming plans to sell:
▶️ NFT-authenticated media
▶️ Virtual beverages, barware, and clothing
▶️ Digital wallets and collectibles#NFT #NFTs #Metaverse #Web3 #Crypto #JackLivesHere
— Mike Kondoudis (@KondoudisLaw) September 19, 2022

Furthermore, Mike confirmed Jack Daniel’s filed the trademark through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on September 13.
According to Mike, Jack Daniel’s is looking to sell a new suite of products, such as:
Many Tennessee Whiskey lovers may get curious about the future for Jack Daniels as the new fold of events unravels. Seemingly, the brand may have transitioned to the NFT world for many reasons. Mainly though, the focus is on brand promotion and solidifying its name in the NFT space early.
While Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey has a reputation that precedes it, it’s certainly not the first liquor brand to enter the NFT space. For example, Block Bar is one of the biggest names in the web3 liquor space. In fact, they often partner with brands as top-notch as Jack Daniel’s itself. Some of its previous releases include Patron NFTs and Johnnie Walker NFTs too.
Furthermore, Daniel’s competitor Ardbeg launched NFT for their Fon Fhoid Whisky in April this year. And, of course, other brands in the beverage business are also making the transition. These include Red Bull, Crown Royal and McDonald’s, among many others.
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