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Home » Japan all set to invest in Metaverse and NFT expansion
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On Monday, the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida revealed in a policy speech that Japan is planing to invest in digital trasformation including Non-fungible tokens (NFT) and metaverse services. 
Japan has constantly been publicizing investment in digital transformation adding  by tax incentives for firms that grasps a digital future. In the prime minister’s speech to the parliament of the country, Kishida revealed that the country will carry on to concentrate on “backing the  social imposition of virtual technology” and will “publicize efforts to increase the utilization of Web3 services that use the metaverse and NFTs.”
The country’s federal attack on Web3 goes through a trend of officials taking steps to impose Web3 associated services in Japan instead of following the general administrative path that policies must consistent travel by. 
Kishida’s jurisdiction newly set up a Web3 law office under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), which is centered on making laws for the country’s slow blockchain growth.
In April, a task force introduced by  Kishida’s Liberal Democratic Party and guided by politician Akihisa Shiozaki issued an “NFT White Paper,” which named Web3 the “new partition of the virtual economy” and highlighted plans to enhance the national plan on Web3.
METI is also allegedly seeking  into an offer to propose tax exemptions to crypto firms of Japan for attracting them to hold their business in Japan and power the country’s growing Web3 industry in the future.
Concluding his speech, he said that “in the last few years, I have survyed many sites and have had direct conversation with many people. It is a fact that the country is experiencing many problems , but at the same time, I feel that many transitions and transformations for the future are starting to happen.”

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