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Run for Money, a game variety show produced in Japan and regarded as the country’s most popular is now airing on Fuji Television. According to plans for the near future, this will be transformed into a version of a game based on NFTs. Run for Money, by the way, has been broadcast since 2004. It is, without a shadow of a question, one of the most popular and fascinating reality shows ever produced for Japanese viewers. Over time, it has been able to amass a great amount of popularity and support from its fans.
The show showcases renowned personalities engaging in a large-scale game of tag. Its popularity is well-known not only in Japan but also internationally, and it has garnered attention due to Netflix’s exclusive worldwide distribution of all four episodes.
Takeshi Kubo, who is in charge of the development of XANA, a Web3-like metaverse, has stated that he intends to create an NFT equivalent of the popular television game show Run for Money. 
According to his elaborate plans, this will be effectively placed in the XANA metaverse. In his expertise and perspective, this is going to completely alter the game in ways that have never been seen before. It is completely logical that the Japanese gentry will have extremely high expectations regarding all of this. However, he expresses his sincere pledge that he will not disappoint the audience and will do justice.
Recently, in the month of October, XANA sold 600 million yen worth of land on the metaverse as NFT in just 9 hours, making it one of the most talked about Web 3.0-type metaverses in the world. In July, the company stepped up its innovative efforts by going public on multiple exchanges at once and releasing the first NFT video game based on iconic Japanese intellectual properties like ULTRAMAN and Astro Boy.
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