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Alex Rodriguez, Chairman/CEO of AROD Corp., Entrepreneur, Investor and 14-time All-Star and MLB World Series Champion Alex Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) August 30, 2022
Jumpcut, a tech-first media company, announced the official drop of, a gamified martial arts NFT aimed at democratizing Hollywood by creating data-driven, collaborative and inclusive IP built by a global web3 community. Backed by Silicon Valley VC fund Atomic and strategic investor WME, the company has assembled a “Hall of Heroes” to represent the community as inaugural holders led by Jumpcut investor and Chairman/CEO of AROD Corp., Alex Rodriguez, Award-Winning Actress Tiffany Haddish, MMA Champion Kimbo Slice Jr., World Champion Trainer Javier Mendez, Celebrity Trainer and Actor Corey Calliet, Entrepreneur and Crypto Investor Evan Luthra, Actor Lamorne Morris, two-time NBA All-Star and Serial Entrepreneur Baron Davis, Actor and Entrepreneur Oliver Trevena and Award-Winning Producer, Actor and Film3 Pioneer David Bianchi. In the company’s work to further remove barriers to entry for underrepresented creators, Jumpcut also revealed itself as the originator behind a new narrative storytelling collective focused on amplifying women and non-binary voices: Women of Mystery (WoM).
As a founding member of the “Hall of Heroes” and an early Jumpcut investor, 14-time All-Star and MLB World Series Champion Alex Rodriguez has carved a legacy as an entrepreneur committed to developing a diverse team of professionals that supports innovative entrepreneurs and builds value across the consumer, media, tech, sports, and health and wellness industries. "I’m proud to partner with Jumpcut, and invest in a web3 company that gives underrepresented creatives and gamers an opportunity to participate in authentic storytelling and build a diverse future for sports and entertainment,” expressed Alex Rodriguez.
Introducing a groundbreaking “play then pay” revenue model, Uppercut Training Club will deliver a value-first approach, curating a highly engaged community of creators and removing the primary barrier in Hollywood today: money. NFT holders will be granted non-exclusive commercial rights to empower them with freedom and utility to leverage the IP across mediums. Following a 10-week gamified experience, holders will have the opportunity to contribute to a Community Fund by choosing a price based on the value they attribute to their experience and to vote on how to use the fund to continue building the project. Applications to become a holder will begin at 9:00 a.m. PT on August 30, and 3D Heroes will be airdropped to member wallets starting on September 16. Season Zero of the Uppercut Experience will officially begin on September 23, including collaborative IP building, weekly video content, and token-gated drops.
Revealing itself as the developer behind Women of Mystery (WoM), Jumpcut is preparing for a fall mint of the storytelling collective focused on amplifying women and non-binary voices. Holders will work alongside established creators to shape women-centric narratives and IP that are community-driven and community owned and will be turned into comic books, podcasts, novels, films, and TV. Women of Mystery is supported by an accomplished council of industry leaders from media and entertainment, tech and venture capital, and academia such as Shayla Cowan, Shira Lazar, Debbie Soon, Leah Lamarr, Tal Navarro, Stephanie K. Smith, Joslyn Rose Lyons, Toni Thai, Kimberly Bryant, Evette Vargas and more.
To submit an application to join the Uppercut Training Club community, visit and access the drop application at 9:00 a.m. PT on Tuesday, August 30. Stay tuned for more updates by following @UppercutNFT on Twitter.
Uppercut Training Club is an interactive and collaborative storytelling experience that immerses its audience into an adrenaline-pumping web3 world of action. Ranging from ancient martial arts to modern-day fight clubs, holders become heroes inside the next great action franchise alongside real martial arts masters including Gemma Nguyen (Everything Everywhere All At Once), Travis Wong (Bullet Train), and Gui DaSilva-Greene (Avengers: Endgame). The interactive storytelling and martial arts gaming experience was designed by top Hollywood creatives, Kevin Tancharoen (Book of Boba Fett, Mortal Kombat: Legacy) and Stephanie K. Smith (Carnival Row, John Wick ‘The Continental’).
Founded in 2019, Jumpcut is a web3 entertainment company that collaboratively creates narrative IPs with communities. Jumpcut connects writers and creators with audiences to build premium storytelling brands in which our community has creative and financial co-ownership. Collaborators include global streamers such as Disney, and leading producers such as Amblin, SB Projects, Oscar-winning producer Lawrence Bender, and others.
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