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Jungle, a secure and community-driven peer-to-peer NFT marketplace, introduces reverse image recognition software to ensure that all digital assets sold on this platform are genuine.
This program detects and removes NFT projects that copy an already existing one. Jungle also incorporates a thorough KYC protocol in addition to the copyminting feature that prevents wash trades and other illegal activities.
Besides being arguably the safest NFT trading platform, Jungle rewards contributors for using its marketplace through its trade-to-earn feature.
Most online outlets for non-fungible tokens focus on allowing users to sell their assets and receive commissions. However, Jungle is giving users cashback for using its store for trading. With this initiative, digital collectors will be rewarded for their passion.
In recent times, there have been numerous instances of fraud driven by bad actors within the industry that have robbed many traders of their digital assets.
These bad actors can simply mimic an original piece of artwork by slightly modifying a specific element of the image, zooming in or out of the picture, or removing its edges. Identifying and stopping these schemes is very challenging.
To tackle this problem, Jungle employs a robust reverse image recognition solution. Before anyone can mint their NFTs, Jungle will cross reference their artwork with all other artwork on the blockchain.
This ensures that they can identify and prevent all copymints from entering their marketplace. 
The NFT industry is rapidly growing, and different collections are consistently hitting new all-time highs for transactional volume.
Items like Everydays: The First 5000 Days and Clock sold for more than $69 million and 52 million, respectively. All these record-breaking feats were possible because investors were willing to pay for these non-fungible tokens. Typically, their reward is isolated to the specific NFT they purchase. 
However, the Jungle NFT marketplace is changing the dynamics with its trade-to-earn feature. This attribute will enable investors to receive a percentage of the total amount they bought the NFT.
You will be paid every time you purchase an NFT. This is not a promotional offer and applies to every purchase you make on the marketplace.
The Jungle NFT Marketplace is a peer-to-peer and secure NFT marketplace that offers genuine NFTs and rewards buyers whenever they make purchases.
It aims to become the safest NFT trading marketplace in the industry. The team has deployed KYC and reverse image recognition software to prevent NFT scams.
The software will flag duplicates of fake existing NFTs, which is a common practice in the industry. It will also flag flips, rotations, filters, and other permutations to ensure Jungle marketplace is the safest marketplace in the space.
The jungle is easily accessible to all, including those new to the NFTs. The platform has a quick and easy payment process with integration for multiple digital wallets.
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