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Introducing Juno Drops, the first-ever special NFT auction and the banking app for crypto natives. Among the roster’s valuable assets are one 17ETH-worth Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) and three Otherside NFTs.
MAYC from Yuga Labs is one of the most sought-after NFT sets in the world, with a total trading volume of 470,000 ETH over its lifetime. The Otherside is a separate metaverse where the Otherdeed NFTs can be used to create playable characters, gain access to the Otherside’s other experiences, and participate in an expansive online game.
While anyone can view the MAYC and Otherdeed NFT auction results, the in-app rewards token JCOIN is required to place a bid.
A definition of JCOIN would be helpful. An ERC-20 token representing Juno’s community-centric loyalty program. It’s like the AMEX rewards program, except everything is done on the blockchain. Members with a Juno checking account can earn JCOIN by performing essential tasks, such as making purchases with their Juno card or inviting their friends to join the Juno platform. Those who are not yet Juno members can still take part in the auction by registering and amassing JCOIN.
To top it all off, Juno has amassed a public treasury of over 50ETH worth of high-quality NFT projects, all of which have been hand-picked for their potential cultural impact, lifetime performance, and development of novel utilities for web3 natives. Thus far, the collection includes brands such as MAYC, Memeland (9GAG), Adidas Originals, Azuki, Doodles, Kaiju Kingz, and more.
To honour the ever-expanding field of digital art, the Juno team plans to hold a monthly NFT drop and auction off some of the most sought-after NFTs in the world.
Each shipment will include one or more NFTs from Juno’s stockpile. Starting bid for the Yugaverse collection is 50,000 JCOIN. After three days, the highest bidder will receive the drop.
Since there will be many different NFTs to choose from, this is something that no NFT or web3 fan should miss. Don’t miss the biggest NFT auction ever—mark your calendars now!


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