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JustCubes is a collection of 4,444 unique cubes that provides real-world utility to holders with data analytics and a private full ETH node.
JustCubes is a collection of 4,444 unique cubes that gives holders access to a private full ETH node that provides faster transaction speeds. Additionally, it also provides holders with a wide range of analytics tools such as Nansen, Moby, and more. This speaks to giving true real-world utility to holders! 
A node is a computer that uses blockchain technology to validate and store a complete set of transactions. During busy periods, the public node can be overwhelmed with transactions and this could lead to gas wars. However, a private hypernode resolves this issue by having a much lower node response time than a public node. It’s a big edge for JustCubes holders.
Starting tomorrow at 5pm EST every cube will be given access to a full analytical suite of tools via our Bridgerr partnership.🤝
In celebration of this, we are giving away a JustCubesNFT.🎉
To Enter:
▫️ Follow @JustCubesNFT
▫️ Like, RT, and Tag 3 Frens
24 Hours. GL!
— JustCubes™ (HyperNode™ Launched!!) (@JustCubesNFT) June 7, 2022

Number of NFTs: 4,444
Mint Date: 9 March 2022
Mint Price: 0.09 ETH
Number of Holders: 3358
Current Floor Price: 0.091
Total Trade Volume: 1.9K ETH
Total Listings: 168
Overall, the team has been working hard at delivering utility to the community since its launch. Considering the benefits they constantly offer their holders, it is clear that this is a worthy investment that more than covers the costs of capital to mint the NFT. 
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