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NFT collection Lady Ape Club (LAC) entered OpenSea’s Top 10 highest grossing NFTs list in the last 24 hours after a surge in sales over the weekend. LAC is currently ranked 9th on the list.
Hello Top 10!
We are ecstatic to announce🔊 that #LadyApeClub (#LAC) is now in the top 10 collections on @opensea (last 24 hrs). Thank you for your support🤝 and love for our special community.
Now, let’s make it to the top 5, shall we?
— Lady Ape Club (LAC) (@ladyapeclub) July 25, 2022
This recently launched NFT collection has already taken the NFT market by storm, achieving over 803 ETH volume within 18 days of launch. LAC launched with 10,000 NFTs, of which 700 were minted on OpenSea and the rest on STRMNFT Marketplace. Out of the 700 NFTs on OpenSea, 143 have been owned already. 
LAC is currently trading at a floor price of 1.33 ETH,  with a 24-hour volume of 208.59 ETH, closely followed by ‘TIMEPieces Into the Metaverse by Micah Johnson’ NFT has a market volume of 174.86, with a difference of 34.45 ETH with LAC. 
Since its launch on July 7, LAC witnessed stagnancy in trading activity till July 23 as the NFT surged to an average price of 4.7896 and a volume of 172.427. With this, the LAC team aims to feature in the top 5 of OpenSea’s listings.
Moreover, last Monday, LAC sold 9,000 NFTs within hours after the sale began on STRMNFT Marketplace. After the sale, LAC initiated an auction with 90 special NFTs for bidding, which also sold out within just a few hours. 
Spearheaded by TNC IT Group’s art team, LAC attracted more than 5,000 registrants to the STRMNFT marketplace even before its launch. The team has also announced launching unique features for STRMNFT’s community with Baby Ape and a soon-to-be-held Yacht Party in Dubai, the dates of which are yet to be confirmed.
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