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The Ampans Foundation, which works to promote education, quality of life and employment for people with intellectual disabilities, will exhibit works created by its members during the international conference Democracy4All, on November 10 and 11 at the Llotja de Mar.
Democracy4All, also known as D4A, is an event of international reference in the tech-political sector organized by CBCat (Blockchain Center of Catalonia) of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Department of the Vice-Presidency and Digital Policies and Territory.
The focus of Democracy4All makes it a unique event in the world, as it revolves around the use of blockchain as an instrument for democratic improvement in terms of social, business and individual governance. The event positions Catalonia as the most important international meeting point for political actors and institutions from around the world, and helps to accelerate the dialogue between governmental bodies and new technologies. 
The exhibition, titled “L’Art de viure: Celebrating diversity and inclusion,” will be organized in collaboration with Cripto es Cultura, a platform that aims to promote local artists and creators, especially women and minority collectives, in their first steps toward financial and creative self-sufficiency, educating them to enter the NFT and Web3 space, making their art and projects visible, and creating synergies between artists, creators, collectors, brands and enthusiasts of this technology. The founder of this initiative, Sabrina Bonini, is also the curator of this particular collection.
The artists of the Ampans Foundation are part of the L’Art de Viure (“art of living”) workshop, one of the activities of the foundation’s occupational center. The main purpose of this center is to provide people with the necessary means to discover and develop their artistic talent, to strengthen it and make it valuable in society. L’Art de Viure was created as an opportunity to showcase the skills of some very special artists, where diversity is an inspiring and creative value to be promoted. 
The collaboration between Ampans, Cripto es Cultura and the CBCat will allow attendees of the L’Art de Viure workshop to learn about the benefits of NFTs, a digital format that uses blockchain technology to protect the intellectual property of creators and prevent plagiarism and unauthorized appropriation. Artists will also have the opportunity to present, in front of the conference attendees, their works created inspired by the Twelve Principles of Good Governance established by the Council of Europe, which are also at the heart of the conferences that will take place at Democracy4All. 
More information and tickets are available on the website.


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