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Rapper. Business Owner. Investor. Table Shaker: Lil Durk Fuses Music and Gaming Together with Latest GTA Based NFT Drop.
Exceed Talent Capital, the top platform enabling people to purchase shares in talent, announced Chicago MC, Lil Durk, will release the Grand Theft Auto related “Trenches Pass”, giving fans and players alike access to a pre-sale. The pre-sale provides a direct line to Lil Durk’s IPO, where shares to his upcoming song and the chance to to revenue share in royalties reside.
Exceed Talent Capital, as the platform’s President, Anthony Martini, explains, allows people to invest in top and beloved talent while sharing in their revenue. “We enable artists to IPO themselves and fans to become partners with them,” said Martini.
The Trench passes themselves, a private and custom GTA roleplay server created by Lil Durk and his OTF Gaming company, connects people to the pre-sale and an immersive experience into the rapper’s world. With a 15K (and counting) waitlist, access to the server is both highly coveted and highly difficult to enter – but the pre-sale grants immediate lifetime access and exclusive, limited edition game and merch items!
Since its release last month, the gaming initiative has acted as a space for musicians to push their music through the server’s radio broadcasting and for players to game. The experience is about to become an even more intimate space following the sale.
Each Trenches Pass contains the following:
● GTA Online Loot Box – seven unique combinations made up of custom-created in-game wearables
● Lil Durk’s new song, “Bedtime”, through VIP pre-sale access
● Premium access to Lil Durk’s GTA Trenches Server
● An exclusive selection of five IRL perks, with one per pass, such as VIP to all future Trenches online events and concerts, Durk tour wardrobe, limited edition to OTF/Trenches/Lil Durk Merch – and more!
Lil Durk, alongside his OTF Co-Founder, Zephyr, looks forward to both the upcoming release and the prospect of growing the platform further. “We wanted to create an amazingly refreshing experience for gamers and roleplayers in the RP and FiveM community with a combination of the Gaming Industry and Music Industry,” said Zephyr. “The Trenches Server will host regular events and integrate them with both endemic and non-endemic brands in the gaming space to showcase them and have our players engage with their brand/products. This includes digital music festivals and a lot more.”
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