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Here are words you never thought you'd hear in 2022: LimeWire is back!
LimeWire trending on Twitter in this day and age was definitely something that nobody had on their bingo card. But now, Millennials and Zillennials are reminiscing about the days of infecting your family's desktop computer with a virus just to get that new Soulja Boy download — and it's all because LimeWire has been resurrected… with a twist.
Apparently, LimeWire is now a "marketplace for music NFTs."
In a teaser video, the scene is set with the opening notes of "Crank That (Soulja Boy)." Two kids run upstairs after school to log onto LimeWire and burn a CD, transporting us back to the early 2000s.
The video then flashes forward to the present and shows a grown-up version of the two kids logging onto the new LimeWire NFT marketplace and dancing to the same Soulja Boy song — sans the iconic Soulja Boy dance, sadly.
Naturally, people on the internet had varying reactions to the news. Well, mostly memes.
One of the main aspects of the video people zeroed in on was the lack of dancing (correctly) to "Crank That (Soulja Boy)."
One Twitter user said, "Ima need for y’all to LEARN AND KNOW the dance cause I’m disappointed lol."
"Not a single soulja boy was cranked in this video," another person joked.
According to another Twitter user, the dance couldn't be used because Soulja Boy owns the rights to the dance itself.
"They could only afford the sample but not the dance," the person tweeted, quoting a 2018 tweet from Soulja himself explaining the copyright.
Meanwhile, people reacted to the irony of LimeWire's return as an NFT service.
"Hard to find something funnier than famously unreliable piracy service [LimeWire] becoming a marketplace for a scam," one tweet read.
"Thank god [LimeWire] is coming back. [I'm] f—ing sick of how well the computers in my life work," another person quipped.
"No longer satisfied with destroying Grandma’s computer, LimeWire has decided it will now destroy the world," another added.
One user summed it up perfectly: "'[LimeWire] is back, but for NFTs now' is something so wildly hilarious and yet it feels so cosmically right."
Meanwhile, LimeWire's official Twitter account bio reads: "We're back for good."
"LimeWire returns in full power, with high-profile NFT drops from the world's best-selling artists," the company also boasted in an announcement tweet.


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