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YouTuber turned wrestler Logan Paul has shared in a new video how exactly he procured the ultra-rare 1998 holographic Pikachu “Illustrator” card. In the past year, Paul has made headlines surrounding his Pokémon trading card purchases. However, out of all his purchases, this particular perfect condition Pokémon card worth $5,275,000 USD cemented Paul with one of the most unique cards in the game. Back in April, he wore the card to the WrestleMania fight.
The video showed the strenuous process in which Paul had to go through in order to obtain the card. According to PSA, it is currently the only known mint condition Pikachu Illustrator card. While the initial seller ended up declining Paul’s original $4 million USD. However, another offer presented itself where Paul settled on $4 million USD plus a PSA-graded 9 Pikachu for $1.25 million USD.
Towards the end of the video, Paul announces that he has made the card into an NFT, listing it on the the Liquid Marketplace platform he co-founded starting on July 9 at 3 p.m. EST. Paul said that he will be claiming a 49% minority stake with the general public at 51%. The NFT is listed for $5 million USD. Take a look at the video above.
Elsewhere in NFTs, Reddit is now selling custom avatars as NFTs.

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