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By Staff – July 12, 2022 03:08 pm EDT
Logan Paul is making his ultra-rare 1998 holographic Pikachu “Illustrator” card into an NFT. Paul has listed pieces of the Pikachu NFT, each selling for $0.10, on his platform Liquid Marketplace. In a YouTube video, Paul announced that he was transforming the card into a digital asset so the Pokémon community “gets to co-own it together.” The social media superstar has retained 49 percent ownership of the card, leaving 51% up for the general public. Paul purchased the card for $5.3 million and subsequently wore it to the ring during his WWE WrestleMania 38 entrance this past April. The pendant lanyard Paul bought to house the card adds on another $80K to the expensive accessory.
Before revealing the card’s digital transformation, Paul’s YouTube video chronicled the odyssey he had to go on to obtain the Pikachu Illustrator 10.
With the card now being “community owned,” it is being stored in a vault. If Paul decides he wants to “wear it out to fights” in the future, the “community can decide if we want to do that.”
That next fight for Paul could come as soon as the end of this month. Since officially signing with WWE, Paul has set his sights on the Miz after the former WWE Champion turned on him at WrestleMania. Miz has claimed his unprovoked Skull-Crushing Finale on Paul was simply a moment of tough love, but Paul is not buying it.
“Miz, I don’t know what to tell you, man. I’m not confused about what I said and I’m definitely not going to change my mind based on what The Miz said,” Paul said in a social media post. “I don’t want to be your partner. I don’t want anything to do with you, in fact, I said it when I signed my WWE contract and I’ll say it again now so you can read my lips: I’m coming for you, Miz, at SummerSlam. Understand?”
Paul makes his WWE return ahead of his anticipated SummerSlam bout next week on Monday Night RAW. There’s no telling if Paul will don the Pikachu card on either RAW or SummerSlam at this time.
Will you be purchasing a piece of the 1998 holographic Pikachu Illustrator 10? Who do you see coming out on top in the likely Logan Paul vs. the Miz match? Let us know in the comments below!
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