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Manchester United recently launched an NFT collection with Tezos titled The Devils.
On December 28, NFT artist Lucrece reported that he is in talks with Arthur Breitman, co-founder of Tezos, to get an explanation as to why Manchester United’s new NFT collection is using designs and styles similar to his own.
I’m not saying @ManUtd was inspired by my work, but I’m not saying Manchester United wasn’t inspired by my work.
— Lucréce (@DesLucrece) December 23, 2022
It’s important to note that Arthur and I both share sentiments that art and artists on tezos is something we both want to protect.
I think the resolution here should be beneficial for everyone involved.
— Lucréce (@DesLucrece) December 28, 2022
The artist in question was careful enough not to directly accuse Manchester United of plagiarising his art, although he still showed how the two artworks look very similar.
There has since been an update as Lucrece got a response from the club and it sounds like they will be able to find a solution.
Update: correspondence between me and ManU has started. Had a productive call with them just now. Probably the last update on this for a while since everyone is still on holiday.
In times of adversity, you’ll know who your friends are. Thank you, tezos community. 🤝
— Lucréce (@DesLucrece) December 28, 2022
Make up your own mind and let us know in the comments section if you think United are guilty of copying another NFT artist’s work.
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