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by | Nov 15, 2022 | Adoption, Latest, NFTs
The NFT marketplace, built on the Tezos blockchain, aims to bring the news to users in the form of memes.

The NFT marketplace, built on the Tezos blockchain, aims to bring the news to users in the form of memes.
The marketplace gives creators a new and unique space on Tezos to share news in a way that is both informative and entertaining. 
The team will be adding a “humor” category.
“We digest news and information in small doses. The reality is that we aren’t reading long-form articles and Memecast is a space for people to quickly report the news and browse for updates,” said Selene Guerrero, Memecast creator.
Guerrero added that the idea behind the project was to provide an engaging way to read and collect the news.
“People collect front page news stories, historic photography, sports moments, and we want to provide a new space for people to share, list, and collect those pieces of history.” 
As any other marketplace, users will sync their wallets, browse, create, list, and buy.
Memecast users can up and downvote NFTs and other integrations are expected to come in the following months that will make the space more interactive.
Updates will include a built-in meme generator, a comment section, and notifications. Memecast is also working on a gallery for users to sell their original photography.
Check out the roadmap here to see what to expect from Memecast. 
Read the rest of the FAQs here to get more details.
Achieving readability and making news articles more engaging for the average reader is what Memecast aims to do, as well as introducing people to NFTs and encouraging them to begin creating.
“It’s about how information is distributed. It can be serious, witty, thought-provoking, or just plain funny, but in the end, it’s about telling a story and getting people’s attention,” said Guerrero.
“As every project, Memecst is a work in progress, there is room for improvement, and we invite the community to start ‘meme-ing’ and give us some feedback.”
Visit and follow them on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and join the Telegram group.
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