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July 07, 2022
Niharika Momtaz is a prolific curator and designer who has had an interest in design from her girlhood days.
She has participated and led various prestigious fashion events around the globe such as 2017’s Bangladesh Fashion Week in London. She excels at crafting jewellery and has a soft spot for traditional sarees made through the traditional hand woven process.
High value fashion and art pieces tend to be limited in nature (which is what imparts it with exclusivity). Meta Moina, a digital NFT/Metaverse space started by Momtaz, aims to address that disparity.
At the announcement event, held at Bay’s Edgewater, Bistro E, was an augmented reality art exhibition, alongside having the distinction of being the first fashion NFT drop in Bangladesh. The club room at Bistro were showing their curated art and fashion collection via projection and physical objects, which can be enhanced by downloading the Artivive app. Through the app, if you scan one of the NFT projects on offer, you see an AR animation of the artwork that moves and breathes like a stop-motion short-film.
One of the most beautiful pieces was a stole that Mumtaz made for the showstopper at one of her fashion shows, scanning that in the app allows you to digitally drape the stole on a friend and snap a picture through the magic of AR.
As of right now the ten NFTs of art and fashion have been announced that can be purchased. Prices are now lower than ever thanks to the crypto crash. More are to be announced at another event in Dubai on 17 July. 
Niharika Momtaz asserts that the Meta Moina marketplace will be fully populated in full swing before the end of July.
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