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MetaBlaze is pleased to announce the release of their long-anticipated ‘MetaGoblins Series’. Minted with a maximum run of 10,000, the MetaGoblin NFTs represent the first playable 3D characters within this P2E gaming universe. Undoubtedly, this utility-focused collection will continue to strengthen MetaBlaze’s mission as a Web 3 Gaming Company.
Building a strong brand identity is essential for all brands – particularly NFT brands. NFT communities depend on a group of individuals that resonate with the brand’s story as well as share similar interests. Therefore, building a successful universe in the metaverse depends on having a strong story that resonates with the target audiences.
MetaBlaze is one such company that understands the importance of crafting a narrative-driven universe. By creating an immersive and dynamic P2E crypto metaverse, MetaBlaze is setting itself up for long-term success.
MetaBlaze’s MetaGoblins follow the hero’s journey character arc. The hero’s journey narrative follows an unlikely hero who goes on a dangerous adventure, is victorious at a story’s turning point, and comes back home completely changed. A clear example is Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker.
Like Luke Skywalker, the MetaGoblins face a universe destroyed by an intergalactic catastrophe. Lost and stripped of their homeland, the survivors unite for the greater good. Their quest for Terranzinite puts them in a dangerous position. Therefore, they must fight for survival through a series of inventive NFT games.
The MetaGoblins of Planet Glozark were once a proud and prosperous species, living in harmony with their planet – deep within Galaxia Blue. However, a nuclear explosion shattered the Terranzinite Crystal, which is essential for life in this world. As a result, Planet Glozark suffered immense destruction.
The 3 Kings – the 3 rarest NFTs in collection – ordered 100 Legendary MetaGoblins to go on a dangerous journey to the Blue Moon SES. Via this journey, the Kings hoped the MetaGoblins would survey the land and discover enough Terranzinite to save the planet.
It is here where the first NFT games take place. MetaBlaze’s MetaGoblins explore the MetaMinez and players need to help them extract Terranzinite from the Moon’s surface. By collecting crystals, players earn crypto in return.
On October 15, the MetaGoblins NFTs will drop on OpenSea. This will be followed by the $MBLZ Token Launch and Blaziverse dApp Launch in November. Additionally, MetaBlaze will launch its DAO, alongside the MetaMinez v1 Game, in December. 
The MetaGoblins NFTs will be revealed in batches of a thousand. This is because MetaBlaze will be organising an NFT lottery, whereby collectors can mint 1 of 3 Kings and unlock immediate rewards in Bitcoin. If the Legendary King is minted, the collector will receive $50,000.00 in Bitcoin or 2023 Tesla. The Epic King results in a $25,000 reward, while the Mystical King is worth a $10,000.00 reward paid in Bitcoin.
To learn more about MetaBlaze, join its community of over 17,500 on Telegram or visit the website. You can also also view their NFT art gallery
MetaBlaze is a new P2E gaming platform. At its core, MetaBlaze is a rewards-generating gaming platform revolving around role-playing and strategy. It integrates highly valued on-chain assets with incredible, ever increasingly immersive gaming experiences. All MetaBlaze products, be it the games, the NFT characters or the artwork, follow a narrative of most epic proportions. The MetaGoblins NFTs are the start of what promises to be an exciting universe.
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