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Having won Mr. Olympia in 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010 and holding many Arnold Classic titles, Jay Cutler became one of the most beloved names in bodybuilding.
A four-time Mr. Olympia winner is looking to launch an NFT project that will highlight bodybuilding and create a community of health-lovers within the metaverse. Accordingly, the company behind this project, MetaPump, has already released the highly-anticipated roadmap of the campaign that will celebrate the birth of this new digital reality.
Jay Cutler because of his legendary renown across the body-building space. Now the former champion is working alongside BPI Nutrition vice president Whitney Reid to launch MetaPump, an NFT that will introduce Jay Cutler-inspired characters into the metaverse.
Having won Mr. Olympia in 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010 and holding many Arnold Classic titles, Jay Cutler became one of the most beloved names in bodybuilding. Now fans of the athlete and sport can celebrate their passion through non-fungible tokens, a form of decentralized tokens that hold unique value based on units of crypto that artists attach artwork or files to.
After launching on social media channels like Twitter and Instagram to build initial support and hype, the project has now started promoting its mints to avid crypto, NFT, and bodybuilding fans. The next phase of the roadmap will be to build a premium brand of fitness called “MetaGym by MetaPump.” This effort will give NFT holders many notable inclusions, including access to a how-to section for NFT minters, exclusive video clips of Jay Cutler himself, and many other upcoming perks.
MetaPump has also started a Discord channel dedicated to its NFT community, where Mr. Cutler will drop in from time to time to meet up with people within the community. Members will also get access to an exclusive lineup of merchandise and other collectibles. The MetaPump NFT will exist within the Ethereum Blockchain, one of the biggest ecosystems for NFTs and crypto projects.
As part of the campaign’s way of giving back to the community, up to a quarter of the mint projects will go towards acquiring real estate within the metaverse to bring up the value of the project and to reserve digital space for envisioned projects. The intention is to build a MetaGym within the metaverse, where members of the community can interact and share stories and best practices. The development of this ecosystem is now ongoing and will bring the latest technologies in web 3.0 to create a highly immersive and interactive experience for people, which the company hopes to achieve.
“Jay Cutler loves nothing more than his loyal fans, and to show this, fans holding his NFTs will get a chance to win a trip to meet Jay and workout, the ultimate VIP experience,” shares a company representative. “Others will get an opportunity to meet Jay on group calls and chats in the exclusive community both online and in the future Metaverse.”
As the metaverse space opens up, the company has promised a few floors that will be exclusive to NFT holders only. Project frontrunner and metaverse entrepreneur Whitney Reid has also guaranteed that early entries will grow with the company through time. Reid entered the NFT space during COVID-19 lockdowns and found success in the space very early on. Now through MetaPump and many other projects with influencers and icons like Jay Cutler, the entrepreneur hopes to change the face of fitness and other industries. 


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