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Your right to know Sunday, October 09, 2022

* As a result, new areas of expertise and industries evolved
Staff Report
October 8, 2022
Metaverse isn’t just the future of the internet, it is the epitome of modern-day technologies like Web3, Blockchain, Creative Arts, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Smart Contracts, NFTs and much more.
This has given rise to several new possibilities and dimensions for the world in which we live.
As a result, new areas of expertise and industries evolved. The metaverse has introduced new avenues for professionals like software engineers, creative designers, animators, creative artists, writers, etc. While taking a deeper dive into the core of this new emerging segment, it is evident that creative artists are one of the key players.
What is the Metaverse? – The metaverse is a unique virtual space parallel to the real one in which we are. Backed by the concept of futurism, it is the modern form of the internet which is composed of 3D virtual spaces connected together.
In this new world, people can interact, socialize, trade, entertain, and make virtual things. All of this requires a highly intense 3D graphic environment which has become possible with the power of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. This includes everything from buying virtual land, building houses, hotels, museums and other real-life things to engaging with the big idea of a metaverse economy.
The metaverse is a unique virtual space parallel to the real one in which we are. Backed by the concept of futurism, it is the modern form of the internet which is composed of 3D virtual spaces connected together
What is The Metaverse Economy? – The unique infusion of the internet with spatial computing brought new dynamics to society. Among them, economics is one of the most affected areas. With the introduction of digital currencies, a new financial order came into existence and shook the global financial system. Everything that’s bought or sold in the Metaverse is based on smart blockchain-based contracts and transactions. As a result, the metaverse economy emerged and quickly gained its hold over global money markets. This becomes possible through NFT marketplaces, cryptocurrency exchanges and some other channels.
What is Metavisionaries? – Metavisionaries is a rapidly growing community backed by modern technologies like Web3, NFTs, Metaverse and AI. It is an all-in-one place for those who want to gather, share, and do even more within their personalised digital world. Metavisionaries is dedicated to creating a unique virtual ecosystem with a key focus on learning, media, eduversity, NFTs, and Metavisionaries. So, it is a global collaboration of tech enthusiasts, NFT fans, art collectors, and many other key contributors to the modern-day world of immersive realities.
Metavisionaries & Global Business Sustainability Space Challenge 2022 – In the quest to educate, inspire and empower the next generation of global change agents and visionaries who would contribute to creating a sustainable future on earth. The initiative has been taken in partnership with Qatar University under the banner of Global Business Sustainability Space Challenge 2022 to build 5 space labs across the world.
As a result, Qatar University and Metavisionaries are at the forefront of introducing the next big thing. It is a great effort to educate and create awareness about the Metaverse Economy and Space Science among the future change agents around the world. The contest winner will be announced right in front of the entire world from the International Space Station at FIFA 2022 Qatar. Backed by visionary leaders and a big idea, Qatar University and Metavisionaries will lay the foundation for a new way to address Global Business Sustainability concerning Space. With this initiative, Metavisionaries have their hands on making the future of tech and space education on a global level. Backed by the latest technologies in collaboration with ICE Cubes for a live broadcast from space, the goal is to educate, create access to the space economy and frontier technologies through the metaverse and metaship, establish a sustainability innovation lab at Qatar University, and build a global community of changemakers and visionaries within the metaverse and related institutions.
What Inspired the Inception of Metavisionaries? – It is undoubtedly true that not only millions of dollars have been invested in the Metaverse but now millions of people have rushed into this new world of virtual reality where some people are even making unimaginable fortunes. The rising demand for the Metaverse, its huge economic benefits and our unmatched capabilities in digital arts, AI, VR, and NFTs, gave birth to the idea of Metavisionaries. Its pool of global community is expanding at an unprecedented pace and is gaining considerable fame on a global level.
Partnerships & Opportunities for Celebrities – Metavisionaries has continued to partner with famous people from all over the world. This includes everyone from entrepreneurs and investors to celebrities, influencers, sportsmen and other renowned entities. The team has got an exclusive 100 NFT drop and future projects which is focused on enticing an impactful influencer drop full of shows, events, concerts, masterclasses, the campaign drops and many other value additions. For those who are looking for a Personal or Corporate presence in the Metaverse, access to global innovative campaigns, competitions and events, NFT revenue sharing, brand management and design services, and other exclusivities within the Metaverse, Metavisionaries is the place to be. Metavisionaries is the immersive hub for developers, designers, creative artists, celebrities, brand influencers, enterprises and many other top entities. It encourages everyone to join its rapidly growing community for unimaginable benefits. From tangible to intangible takeaways, there is huge monetary potential within this whole new Metaverse called Metavisionaries.
Become a MetaVisionary – Become a Visionary
Metavisionaries is indeed progressing towards its set goals at an exponential pace and it has already attracted countless people from all over the world. This won’t discourage newcomers to join this thriving Web3 community. This is the ideal time for all those who want to make big fortunes in their lives. While taking a closer look at the various dimensions of the Metavisionaries and its concrete plans, the entire community expects a booming future for this unique platform. Experts at Metavisionaries believe, “Every form of change starts with a vision… ‘Metavisionaries’ – Metavisionaries”. Those who are interested in exploring more about Metavisionaries are advised to follow it now on social media and join its community right away.

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