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By Tony M. Centeno
November 11, 2022
Mike Shinoda’s latest NFT is an ode to one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the gaming industry.

On Thursday, November 10, the Linkin Park co-founder posted his newest non-fungible token to his Instagram timeline. The simplistic artwork features a drawing of Sonic The Hedgehog’s face that Shinoda created during a Twitch stream he hosted back in September. His NFT, which is entitled SonkThHegeogs, apparently became a fan favorite, which is why he decided to memorialize it on the blockchain.

"The best part about being able to share a “digital collectible” on IG is, I can show you the work I’m most proud of," he wrote in the caption.
A post shared by Mike Shinoda (@m_shinoda)
Mike Shinoda’s journey into the NFT space has allowed him to demonstrate his artistic abilities for fans while still keeping his music career alive. He uses his Twitch channel to make works of digital art during his livestream as fans watch in real time. In addition to his virtual exhibitions, Shinoda also produces music and makes songs with fans.

"I go on Twitch five days a week and make something new from scratch," he told The Observer last year. "It’s usually music and sometimes art. This year, I’ve also been doing production where I produce a fan’s song from scratch. Sometimes when I make those, I go, “What do I do with this now that I made it?” I’ve put songs out on compilations. I’ve given them away to subscribers, or given them away for free."

His new artwork comes nearly a month after he released his Windchime NFT project. The music NFT is a "music-making digital collectible" with 24 musical loops for fans to use and save. It follows his first-ever NFT mixtape series Ziggurats, which dropped last year.
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