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If you’ve always wanted more control over where your NFTs live, then Mintables by Quidd might just be the perfect feature for you. Quidd, an Animoca Brands-owned NFT marketplace, today announced the launch of Mintables. In essence, this is a feature that enables collectors to mint and unmint digital collectibles into NFTs.
To sum up, Mintables hopes to address some of the bigger frustrations when it comes to minting and collecting NFTs. As many will know, minting NFTs can be both complicated and costly. Not to mention the added complexity of minting official branded NFTs from platforms that are often siloed and separate from the main Ethereum NFT ecosystem.
By using Mintables, NFT collectors can mint their first NFTs cheaply and simply. All that they will need is a self-custody Ethereum wallet like MetaMask. But that’s not to say that Mintables isn’t also catering to more experienced NFT collectors.
For one thing, Mintables will work immediately with major NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. In addition, owners can both unmint their Mintables on Quidd and remint them on new blockchains. This major feature is a first in the NFT space and brings an unheard-of level of transferability to NFTs. To that end, while the feature is available for Ethereum NFTs, Quidd will soon add support for other blockchains. To list, this includes WAX, Flow, and Binance Smart Chain.
The CEO and Co-Founder of Quidd, Michael Bramlage, spoke on the decision to craft the Mintables feature. “With Mintables, we are delivering user choice in addition to true digital ownership. Why should the platform decide if a digital item should be on a blockchain, or even which blockchain? The Mintables initiative gives real power to the collectors.”
The very first NFTs with the Mintables feature is the Atari x Quidd collection. For just $3 per mint, users can now mint (and unmint) the NFTs from the Quidd website.
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