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MLB Sorare appears to be the next revolution in fantasy sports. For those who are unaware, it’s an NFT-based free-to-play baseball game, played with digital cards.
The popularity of NFTs continues to soar through the skies. Sorare is on a mission to make cryptocurrency fun and accessible through fantasy sports. Sorare is a global fantasy gaming company headquartered in Paris. French superstar Antoine Griezmann is one of the firm’s most notable investors.
Sorare started with soccer. The company has now added baseball to their fantasy gaming repertoire. The MLB marketplace went live a few days ago. Fans can now create their own rosters comprising Common, Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique cards.
Fans can enter their cards into a variety of tournaments. Points are scored based on the real-life performance of the players in question. The cards earn XP each time you compete in a tournament.
Sorare runs tournaments that can be found in the lobby on their site. Right now, all tournaments are “Common All-Star” tournaments that anybody can join. If you win enough of those tournaments to get Rare player cards, you’ll be ready for the higher scarcity tournaments starting in August.
Once you find a tournament to join in MLB Sorare, you can start composing your team.
At each position, you will see all the players you have available to fill a position. Players will be ordered by scarcity rather than by their average Sorare Points per Game. For example, in a rare tournament, you will see your Rare cards listed first.
You will also find the season average, the bonus associated with the card, and how many games they will be involved in during a particular game week. If one of your starting pitchers is scheduled to start, you will see that indicated as well.
For further details on Sorare’s Rare NFTs visit: Sorare: Own Your Game


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