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A much-anticipated NFT game is about to launch in closed beta — with a small handful of gamers given an exclusive sneak peek of what to expect.
The beta version of a much-anticipated NFT game is about to be released.
SolChicks has the ambition of becoming the best play-and-earn RPG ecosystem on the Solana blockchain, with gamers using adorable chicks as their characters in an immersive gaming metaverse.
Initially, the beta version will only be accessible to those who already hold SolChicks NFTs — and the game will be available on Android devices and PCs.
The closed beta service will be launched on 15 October at 12pm UTC, and you can find out how to register here.
A dramatic tweet that shows a SolChick in black and white was shared to the game’s 309,000 followers recently — and simply included the hashtag #ChangeGaming.
Catheon Gaming, the publisher of SolChicks, hopes the closed beta stage will give a small, committed audience the chance to have a sneak peek of how the game has developed so far. It’s hoped this process may uncover any remaining final bugs before the full launch — and provide developers with precious feedback as they put finishing touches to the game.
There won’t be any blockchain integration over this three-day period — meaning players won’t be able to connect their wallet and port over their NFTs. Instead, they’ll be given a special login and random SolChick game characters so they can put the game through its paces. Once the beta period concludes, their progress will be deleted.
Gamers will be playing the first three chapters of SolChicks in story mode as Talonyr, the title’s main protagonist, as he makes an epic journey across Planet Mellow. Teams of up to five SolChicks will enter into battle too — and players will need to think strategically when forming a squad that has a perfect blend of active and passive skills. If certain skills are executed in the right sequence, they’ll cause greater levels of damage in battle.
Vanquishing monsters will increase each SolChick’s experience level — and deliver much-needed enhancements to their weapons and equipment. Given how each stage gets progressively harder, this will be nothing short of crucial. 
SolChicks’ developers say there’s going to be plenty to look forward to, even in this initial beta stage. More than 50 stages are going to be on offer, each with their own type of monster.
New weapons and equipment can be uncovered by defeating bosses or opening random boxes throughout Planet Mellow. When the game fully launches, players will have the opportunity to mint these in-game assets as NFTs, and trade them in a bespoke marketplace.
There’s little doubt that this initial beta stage will create a huge buzz.
Highly experienced artists have been tasked with overlaying various pre-designed attributes on the base SolChick character — and from a tokenomics perspective, players are going to be rewarded for their time and commitment in a new approach for the gaming sector when the full game is released.
More than 100 people with a proven track record have been tasked with bringing SolChicks to life — and collectively, they have a long-term vision of where the game is heading. Core team members have previously been involved with constructing successful blockchain projects, while others come from a background of working at blue-chip companies and financial institutions.
Partnerships with Brave, Chainlink and five secondary marketplaces have also been forged, meaning SolChicks is in a strong position to take the world by storm. 
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