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While talking about Nansen’s exceptional growth in the current bear market condition, its official has admitted that the firm has neglected DeFi plans during NFT’s hype.
Alex Svanevik, CEO and co-founder spread good tides about Nansen’s growth. He stated that the firm crossed over 130 million addresses registration. He has given credit to the blockchain platforms which were behind Nansen’s spontaneous growth.
While speaking with a reputed news media company, Andrew Thurman, a Simian psychometric enhancement technician mentioned that after seeing the boom in the non-fungible tokens, Nansen has envisaged their potential growth and position among its competitors.
He added that “As a result, I think we neglected our DeFi plans a bit. However, we’re really focused on strengthening that again and balancing that out with NFTs. We had to realize that our aim to be the Super App of Web3 meant NFTs are important, but they aren’t the only important thing.”
He also mentioned the reason behind client growth is that the firm is inclined more toward business clients, or business-to-business (B2B). 
Amid the bloodbath in the crypto and bear market conditions, the Ethereum blockchain analytics platform, Nansen has shown immersive growth as it rose to 30%.
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Thurman predicted that the firm will have more B2B earnings than individual sales by the end of this year. This result would be a drastic change if it happens. He stated that Nansen needs to change their approach in order to expand and satisfy the increasing user demand.
On Nansen’s future growth plan, he revealed that the firm is working on a portfolio product that will allow users to track their assets across 40+ blockchains and over 400 decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. 
He guided other companies saying “Cryptocurrency is an industry experiencing 0-to-1 uptake in terms of users, use cases, and market cap. It’s a massive new playing field where winners can emerge.”
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