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Now’s your chance to have the coolest real estate Avatar in the metaverse. Propy launched the first NFT (non-fungible token) Avatars designed specifically for real estate and Metaverse fans.
The limited-edition “MetaAgents X Shredders” NFTs were created by artist Dan Weinstein. The project’s advisors include real estate influencers and industry forward-thinkers Tom Ferry, Tony Giordano, Alvaro Nunes, Tony Edward, ThinkingCrypto, Zach Aaron, MetaProp, among others. 
“If you love crypto and real estate then these NFT Avatars are right for you. With real estate becoming more crypto-friendly, adding one of these “MetaAgents X Shredders” to your collection or used as your social media profile, will signal to the world and your tech-savvy peers that you are a visionary in a new digital world of real estate,” said Natalia Karayaneva, CEO of Propy in a statement.
Over 6,000 joined the waiting list in anticipation of the “MetaAgents X Shredders” drop yesterday.
The Avatar NFTs are on and can only be minted with PRO – Propy tokens. First come first serve and sold by lottery auction.
The Propy NFT Avatars come with access to the Meta Agent educational course, owners become members of DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and receive a ticket to the Web3 & Real Estate Summit. The Meta Agent certification and the Summit will help real estate fans navigate metaverses and Web3 proptech and apply the learnings to their daily business.
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