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NettyArt has just released its latest version of its NFT platform. They now allow users to view sales data, rarity, and upcoming launches for multiple blockchains.
The NFT market is growing and expected to reach 50 Billion by the end of 2022, and NettyArt continues to guide new users and collectors by providing valuable data. NettyArt was the first NFT Platform that created a rating system that measures four critical aspects of an Upcoming NFT project. Users can quickly see if an NFT collection has been verified and has an original design, roadmap, and social media presence. 
Currently in Beta, NettyArt features the first NFT Analyst Ratings, which will provide a Buy, Hold, or Sell Rating for existing NFTs with an easy-to-use interface. They believe in guiding new users with the necessary data to make better decisions when purchasing NFTs. 
“This is just the beginning as we plan to allow NFT collectors to view their entire NFT portfolio and access our peer-to-peer NFT lending technology.” – July Grullon, Co-Founder, CEO
As the NFT market is expected to grow to 147 Billion by 2026, users will need tools and data to make smarter decisions. NettyArt plans to continue delivering that and expanding its platform. We believe that this NFT platform will become an essential resource for anyone interested in NFTs.
NettyArt is an NFT Platform; find us at
Source: NettyArt
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