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LANCASTER, PA — OpSec Security announced this week the first enterprise-scale solution for tackling infringement of intellectual property (IP) by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). OpSec’s NFT Infringement Takedown service is designed to protect brand owners by detecting and enforcing against NFTs that hit the market with unauthorized usage of registered brand names or likenesses. From cleaning up the NFT landscape ahead of official brand-approved NFT drops, to detecting and clamping down on IP infringement in emerging channels, OpSec is adapting its NFT service to a growing range of customer concerns.
Brands are embracing NFTs to engage consumers and drive new value from their digital content and brand properties. But in these relatively formative stages for NFTs, new sources of value are bringing new vulnerabilities, as many brands fall victim to opportunistic, unauthorized NFT minting. The NFT Infringement Takedown service targets the most egregious abuses of IP by combining proprietary online monitoring technology, which includes visual artificial intelligence, and a dedicated team of global analysts.
OpSec’s NFT Infringement Takedown service assesses infringing content across active NFT platforms to identify areas of concern for a brand. After conducting this landscape assessment, OpSec prioritizes the platforms that pose the most threat, before harvesting the related content for review and, if required, enforcement. This service is backed by an enterprise-class technology platform, refined workflows and reporting, a global analyst team, and comprehensive customer support. While this model has certain features in common with OpSec’s proven online marketplace monitoring, the NFT service is designed to address the specific requirements of NFTs and transactions that operate on blockchain technology.
“It is becoming apparent that many NFT platforms have an awareness of intellectual property rights built into their business model,” Stefanie Wood, Product Director at OpSec stated. “For example, many have options to tap into data on their platform through automation and they have been very responsive to takedown requests that OpSec has submitted on behalf of its customers. For example, OpSec has had a 99% compliance rate with OpenSea on a few thousand enforcements that have been made to date.”
Since 2021, OpSec has been helping brands, largely in the entertainment, sports, media and luxury goods sectors, to enforce against unauthorized NFTs that infringe upon IP. Although NFTs are a relatively new phenomenon, the compliance rate on enforcement requests submitted by OpSec is up around 90%. In just one year, OpSec has taken down thousands of unauthorized NFTs on behalf of its customers. As in its other online brand protection services, the OpSec team works with global partners, industry bodies, and law enforcement agencies to improve enforcement and, crucially, online compliance.
To learn more about OpSec’s NFT Infringement Takedown solution visit the website.
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