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Are you looking for Upcoming NFT Drops For This Week? Check out our NFT Calendar 2022. Find Free NFT Drops minting this week on the Ethereum, Solana & Cardana blockchain. See the updated list of the Best Upcoming NFT Drops for June 2022.
Infostor has no affiliation or relationship with any NFT Drops or events unless explicitly stated otherwise. None of the information you read on Infostor should be taken as investment advice.
Are you looking for the top Upcoming NFT Drops in 2022 on Ethereum? With several NFT Drops released every week on the blockchain, finding an NFT collection with a robust ecosystem, well-established team, and lucrative utility is difficult.
This article brings you the New and Upcoming NFT Drops for June 2022. Keep reading the article to know which upcoming NFT Drop fits into our list and why?
The fear of missing out on the upcoming NFT Drops in 2022 is real. With numerous NFT Drops launching each day, it’s hard to find upcoming NFT projects having solid fundamentals, a firm revenue generation model, and a great future vision.
We have listed the best upcoming NFT Drops for Each Day (Todays) in Our NFT Minting Calendar 2022.
Find the top NFTs from Our NFT Calendar below.
Meebits NFTs are a collection of 20K 3D voxel characters made through a custom generative algorithm.
Meka X NFT is a collection of 2,222 NFTs based on the Solana Blockchain.
MOAR by Joan Cornella is an unusual mansion in the metaverse proudly presented by FWENCLUB, where 5,555 creatures with their souls minted with the ERC721 blockchain as NFTs.
The Impostors NFT Project consists of 10,420 cute little alien characters with a good sense of style.
With 9300 items in hand, the Akutar Mint Pass  NFT grants an effective solution to grab Free Akutar NFT via an airdrop.
Shinsei Galverse NFT is a collection of 8,888 Gals sent out to bring peace to the galaxy, one planet at a time.
Hosting 10000 PFP collectives, Moonbirds NFT offers an exclusive opportunity for users to be a part of the PROOF team and make a future-binding decision collectively.
Cool Pets NFTs by Cool Cats is an all-new, funky collection of 19,999 NFTs that start as eggs capable of successful holder interactions.
VeeFriends series 2 NFT is a collection of 55,555 NFTs that includes 251 characters in total.
The MUTANT APE YACHT CLUB is a collection of up to 20,000 Mutant Apes that can only be created by exposing an existing Bored Ape to a vial of MUTANT SERUM or by minting a Mutant Ape in the public sale.
The Pig Gang NFT collection consists of randomly generated 10k digital characters representing a gang of different types of pigs.
The Boba Inu Sugar Club has 8000 NFTs with an aim to directly bring the best metaverse night market party to the holders.
The AquaHeads is an upcoming NFT collection of 3333 NFTs is based on Solana Crypto Blockchain
Cryptopunks NFT is an ongoing NFT with a collection of 10k digital characters representing eccentrics and misfits from the London punk era in the 1970s.
Cyber Cosmos World NFT is an upcoming NFT that has an amazing collection of 10000 avatars represents cyber warriors representing the women in the tech industry.
Stickman Saga NFT is an upcoming new form of blockchain-powered gameplay into their metaverse, with a collection of 5,555 items.
The Bored Ape Yacht Club is an ongoing NFT collection of 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs— unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.
WIN NFT HORSE is an ongoing “DeFi + NFT” horse racing game created by TRON in collaboration with APENFT and Winklink.
Silks NFT is an upcoming collection of 10,000 Silks Genesis Avatars in race suits, existing patiently in the Silks Metaverse.
Remarkable Women NFT is an ongoing collection of 6000  colorful, empowering, and inclusive NFT collections curated and minted by House of First and award-winning artist and illustrator Rachel Winter.
Illuminati NFT is a series of 8,218 NFTs on the Blockchain.
Bunny Buddies NFTs are 8888 hand-drawn bunnies living their most exemplary lives on the Ethereum Blockchain.
The Edenhorde NFTs are an adorable bunch of hardworking creatures, helping the Edenhorde continent prosper every day with a collection of 8,800 NFTs.
NFT Projects like BAYC and Cryptopunks saw mass adoption across the globe and gave huge investment returns to their early holders.
You can read below to get a concise review of which NFT Drops to Mint and why we have selected them.
Twisted Bears NFT Drop 2022 - Ethereum Blockchain
The First NFT Drop to watch out for in our NFT Calendar Listing is Twisted bears. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Twisted Bear is a collection of randomly generated 5,555 digital characters. Each character is unique and created with a combination of 400+ traits and five base characters.
The public sale of twisted bears is scheduled to be launched in 2022 at the mint price of 0.069 Eth. 
Buyers owning 2 Bears will be eligible to breed to generate a new NFT. The team backing the Twisted Bears NFT drop is skilled and has successfully attracted people by campaigning for the project on different social media platforms. 
Follow Twisted Bears
Los Muertos NFT Drop - Amazing Art Collection of 10,000 NFTs
Another one of the top upcoming NFT drops to watch is Los Muertos. Los Muertos USP is its fantastic art collection of 10,000 NFTs, generated algorithmically on the Ethereum blockchain.
Each art is a combination of 700 traits (hand-drawn) divided into different categories. The rarity is based on the combination of traits and categories of NFT. The art collection is divided into 5 categories. (common, uncommon, rare, ultra, and legendary). The legendary category consists of only ten art pieces.
The public sale of the Los Muertos NFT Drop is set to be launched in 2022. 
NFT Minting Price For Los Muertos 
Meta Survivors Club NFT Drop - P2E Economy-Based NFT Game
The next project that fits our upcoming NFT drops calendar list is Meta Survivors Club NFT. MCS is a P2E economy-based NFT game consisting of a  3-D NFT collection of 10,000 dog characters. Meta Survivors Club is one of the best upcoming NFTs drops in terms of revenue generation model and passive income.
The team backing up the Meta Survivors Club Drop has focused on giving back to its holders by announcing numerous rewards and airdrops in different phases of its roadmap. Any user of MSC that holds more than 10 NFT tokens will be airdropped a limited NFT directly into their wallets.
MSC is a survival game consisting of 8 different characters. The game is divided into 3 different series of episodes. The future opportunities for Meta Survivors Club users to participate and earn passive income expand due to its integration into the metaverse. MSC ticks all the boxes to be considered as the top contender for upcoming NFT games.
Atlantic Voyage Ape Club NFT Drop 2022 Newest NFT Drop Based On Titanic Ship
Atlantic Voyage Ape Club is one of the Newest NFT Drop based on the idea of creating a Titanic Ship in Metaverse and providing passes to all its NFT holders to onboard it as a part of roadmap 2.0.
AVAC NFT drop represents a collection of 3300 unique apes as digital characters. The NFT collection is generated algorithmically with a combination of clothing, accessories, and 200+ accessories.
AVAC NFT Drop/ Mint Price Details
Another upcoming NFT Drop that fits on our top NFT Drop Calendar 2022 list is Guardians of Sumantria. It is a P2E economy-based NFT game consisting of a collection of 6777 NFTs.
All the NFTs are important digital assets of the Guardians of Sumnatria game. Every user holding NFTs will be eligible to earn rewards in the BOAZ tokens by playing the game.
The roadmap of the Guardians of Sumantria NFT Drop is divided into different phases.
Phase 1: Minting of Energy Orbs
Phase 2: Identity reveals Guardian Warriors and their Rarity aspects. Many events will take place.
Phase 3: Launch of the gaming ecosystem
Phase 4: Raid the metaverse.
Full Belly Club NFT Drop - 10,119 Randomly Generated Art Pieces 
Full Belly Club fits our list of top 10 upcoming NFT Drops Calendar in 2022. Built on Ethereum Blockchain, the FBC NFT collection consists of 10,119 randomly generated art pieces, with each NFT representing a variety of food with ramen.
The team backing up the Full Belly Club NFT Drop has decided to add 10% of minting and 25% of secondary market funds to the community wallet. All these funds will be used for future events and airdrops.
Moreover, holders of FBC will be open to expressing their creative ideas that focus on adding value to the brand. The future vision of the Full Belly Club NFT Drop is to develop fun games that use FCB NFTs as a utility and create numerous possibilities for its holders to earn passive income.
The Full Belly Fat Club NFT mint will be available at a fixed price of 0.08ETH. The presale and public sale of the FCB club are scheduled to go live in Quarters 3rd and 4th of 2022.
Follow Full Belly Fat Club Discord to participate in whitelist competitions.
Kujira No Konton NFT Drop - First-Ever Magna-Based NFT Project
Kujira No Konton NFT fits in our Newest NFT Drops calendar 2022. KNK NFT collection consists of 7777 digital characters and challenges to be the first-ever Magna-based project developed in the blockchain space. The holders of Kujira No Konton NFT Drop will be eligible to access KNK tokens as rewards and exclusive publications released in Magna space.
Dank Ducks NFT Drop 2022 - PFP-Based NFT Drop Built On Ethereum Blockchain
The important upcoming NFT Mints Calendar to look forward to is the Dank Ducks NFT, which is a PFP-based NFT Drop built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Dank Ducks NFTs are created algorithmically, with each NFT having unique traits and colorways. The total NFT consists of 6969 digital characters.
The public sale of the Dank Ducks NFT drop is scheduled to go live in 2022.
Meta Syndicate NFT Drop - 3D Collection With 7777 Digital Characters 
Meta Syndicate collection is one of the most exciting, hold to earn economy-based digital assets that fit our best upcoming NFT Calendar list for 2022.
The Meta Syndicate 3D NFT Drop Collection has 7777 digital characters created uniquely. The holder of the Meta Syndicate project will get access to merchandise and passes to events and parties in real life.
What Are NFT Drops And Why Should You Care
An NFT Drop is nothing but the blockchain version of releasing a limited edition of a digital experience, collectibles, etc. The word ‘ NFT Drop’ signifies the exact date and time when the particular NFT project will be made available for public release.
It can be considered a marketing tactic as if you announce the pre-sale or public release of an item – physical or digital, it is bound to create a stir of interest amongst the fans and collectors. And this interest will lead them to try and be the first one of the scenes of the NFT Drop. 
Like other physical drops, an NFT Drop is one of the most lucrative ways of bringing in the interested public into the NFT scene as they are well aware that getting their hands on the particular project while it is being ‘dropped’ will ensure unmeasurable profits. 
Since being on the scene of the NFT Drop first ensures profits, several buyers and traders wait for NFT projects to launch their NFT Drop calendars to reap the maximum profits during the ‘Drop’ sessions.
If you are one of those who are involved with a particular icon, artist, or celebrity, and want to lay your hands on their NFT Drops the earliest, then you should be well-informed about their current projects, their WIPs, and other extremely demanding works that they have got themselves into.
You can do so by following the artist or the icon on social media, subscribing to their newsletters, listening to their podcasts, or tuning in to their streaming channels to find details about the NFT Drop calendar.
It includes the exact time and date of the NFT Drop, the minting price, the maximum amount to be minted, etc. The availability of multiple NFT Drops calendars online helps you to navigate to your desired NFT projects and find out everything about the NFT Drops to harvest maximum profit from the project.
What Are Free NFT Drops - How To Get NFT Drops On Giveaways ?
Increasing the popularity of the NFT Drops is one of the ideas behind Free NFT Drops. Although their numbers have gone down significantly since they were introduced in the ecosystem, there are NFT brands that still Airdrop a certain amount of tokenized assets for the most involved members of the Twitter and Discord community as well celebrities and icons.
NFT Drops given as Giveaways drastically increase their popularity and social media engagement. Free NFT Drops are nothing but publicity stunts constantly carried out by projects which consider increasing their NFT community’s reputation.
The NFTs drops that we listed on our upcoming NFT Drops Calendar List could be of great value to investors in terms of investment returns and fun games due to their strong fundamentals, future vision, and firm revenue generation model.
NFT Drops like Meta Survivors, and Atlantic ape Voyage focus to expand numerous opportunities to generate money through integrating to metaverse while projects like Twisted bears, Full belly club, etc are PFP-based NFT Drops with their utility in real life. Select any project that suits you and participate in upcoming NFT Mints. (c).
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