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Oct 7, 2022
Blockchain gaming has been around for awhile, but recently it has really flourished. As more people find the crypto world, games on the blockchain are entering the next phase of their evolution.
In this article, we’ll give you a rundown on the absolute best that crypto gaming has to offer in 2022.
One of the most important aspects of NFT games is the freedom that web3 provides.
Many gamers look at crypto gaming and think “what good is that ownership?” They’re answered by the freedom they will experience if they decide to own crypto gaming assets.
Let’s say you purchase a special legendary sword because you’re psyched about a new adventure game, but after playing for a couple weeks, you lose interest.
This can always happen. In the traditional Web2 way of gaming, you’d simply lose out on anything you had spent to that point on in game assets if you decided to stop playing. Your legendary sword would go to waste.
If it’s a blockchain game, you own your in game items. You then have the freedom to take that money and spend it on in game items in any other game you choose.
Within the realm of blockchain games, individual games can vary a lot. Just like traditional gaming, the possibilities are endless for crafting a fun and engaging game.
Some of the titles on this list of NFT games have full on play-to-earn systems, while others are simply games that use NFTs assets as in game assets.
Axie Infinity is probably the most well-known crypto game out there, and is a must have on any NFT games list for 2022. This game took off last year, but is still going strong in 2022.
Axie Infinity is a full play-to-earn game in which players can earn AXS daily using their digital assets that they own within the game. 
Axie Infinity players collect and battle with digital assets called Axies.
Rare Axies are traded on the Ethereum Network, with the most expensive ever selling for nearly $1 million!
Axie Infinity is hugely popular and has a very diverse NFT marketplace and millions of active daily players.
Town Star is a major title from Gala Games that launched its play-to-earn system late last year. Freshly coming out of beta testing, it offers a pretty modern take on NFT gaming that looks to boom in the next year.
Town Star features daily challenges that players can complete to earn TOWN based on their in-game NFTs, and also features competitions where players can earn prizes in TOWN or GALA.
There are also massive competitions though for those that want to vie for the best game rewards against other players.
Players of Town Star pick a place to start their town on a map of the Earth, then begin the process of developing their farm, manufacturing hub, or whatever their town will grow into.
Town Star has been around since mid-2021, but already has a pretty big playerbase.
While the game is designed to operate on Gala Games’ blockchain, assets are easily bridged and traded on Ethereum.
A few competitions less than a week long have offered prize pools of more than $450,000.
Splinterlands is one of the older entries on this list of NFT games. The game has been around for years, but still has a massive, active player base that is still growing in 2022.
Splinterlands is a collectible trading card game where each player drafts a team of monsters from their in game asset collection, then sends them to auto battle against each other.
Since cards and DEC can be obtained through ranked play and season challenges, this makes it one of the easiest games for new players to break into and start earning. Add in to this that most gamers are already familiar with card game mechanics, and it’s easy to see why Splinterlands is one of the best NFT games out there.
Another CCG entry, Gods Unchained is another great crypto game to check out in 2022. It’s gained a lot of steam and is one of the top NFT games out there.
Gods Unchained by Immutable X has full play to earn functionality. Players can win cards in PvP battles or earn $GODS tokens from the reward pool by playing.
Where our previous entry finds its pace keeping CCG simple and sleek, Gods Unchained doesn’t shy away from the complex.
The object of the game (as in most CCG) is to reduce your opponent’s life to zero.
For some players, Gods Unchained may feel a little too complex to learn what it takes to be competitive though.
Illuvium is an open world exploration game, which is a relatively new genre for the world of crypto games.
Illuvium functions as a full play to earn game already, even in Beta. Rewards can also be earned through participating in tournaments, custom games and events.
As players explore the seven different alien worlds in Illuvium, players collect creatures they find called Illuvials that can be upgraded to better stats.
More than just in game pets or digital collectibles, these Illuvials can participate in PvE and PvP battles.
An in game marketplace allows players to trade with other players.
Spider Tanks brings our first arena brawler to this list of NFT games, and it’s definitely a noteworthy addition even at the early stages.
The Spider Tanks development team plans to roll out their full play to earn system in late 2022, but for the moment the game offers plenty of reward opportunities for NFT gamers.
In Spider Tanks, players control a tank made up of several NFT parts to build a custom opponent-destroying machine.
While NFT tank parts come fully upgraded at higher rarities, even common parts can be upgraded through gameplay to be competitive.
With play to earn rewards just on the horizon, 2022 may be the perfect year to take a look at a game like Spider Tanks.
Eternal Paradox is a brand new 4X/Turn based RPG this year. This is a pretty fresh genre for the blockchain games space, and also is our first title on this NFT game list that is designed to be entirely optimized for mobile gamers.
Players in Eternal Paradox will build a Castle on their own land or land owned by another player, then explore and expand their empire.
GRIT has made a big splash in 2022 as being the first play to earn crypto games announced on the Epic Games Store.
In GRIT, players compete in a Wild West battle royale for in game rewards.
In GRIT players play a gunslinger in the wild west. Battles can happen throughout all the iconic scenery synonymous with westerns– dusty fields, out behind the corral– there’s even the ability to hijack a train or fight on horseback. 
The Epic Games Store listing opens it up to millions and millions of gamers who may find it more appealing to own their assets instead of throwing money away on microtransactions.
As more players discover play to earn games, more and more new players will play blockchain games. Since GRIT is free to play as well, hopefully this title introduces an entirely new group to play to earn mechanics and crypto games.
Fortitude has been gathering a lot of attention in the crypto gaming community over the last few months.
It may remind you at a glance of Age of Empires or Clash of Clans, and if you get a chance to test it out early in the early access phase, the gameplay will also seem comfortably familiar.
Players could own the towers with which they defend themselves from invasions, but they could also own the very land upon which their base is built. There are lots of great play to earn model options.
You’ll start playing with a modest base on which you’ll build. Once you’re ready, you can scout, attack and plunder your enemies.
Look for one of the limited time Fortitude playtests, or else expect to see the game in early release sometime this Fall.
The Walking Dead: Empires
It’s always nice to see a piece of world famous intellectual property like AMC’s The Walking Dead giving it up for a crypto gaming project.
A name like The Walking Dead brings with it a huge fan base, even if only a tiny percentage of them are interested in NFT gaming. In the past, TWD has made some pretty sweet games, and for a crypto game to be included in their canon is a fantastic sign of the future.
The game will not follow the action of the show specifically, but rather is an open world situation where the players will make their own stories. Players will be responsible for their own alliances, their own empires, and their own mistakes.
In terms of play to earn rewards, it sounds like landowners will be rewarded based on bloodshed. Sweet.
Hopefully you have enjoyed this list of NFT games.
Whenever there is an in game currency, why shouldn’t it be a cryptocurrency?
Likewise, why should a company get all your money for in game items that you don’t actually own? With other games that is exactly what happens, but with blockchain games you always own your stuff.
There are so many free NFT games out there, there’s no reason to not get involved. Players may earn just a little at first… but it builds up. Take multiple games with play to earn systems, and suddenly players can earn quite a bit.
The top NFT games in the world are the ones that allow free to play players to engage and earn, while also rewarding players who spend money on NFTs. Welcome to the future of the gaming industry!

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