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Since Cardano enabled smart contract capabilities in September 2021, the network has attracted many developers seeking to create blockchain solutions such as decentralized finance applications, crypto tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), games, metaverses, and web3 apps.
NFTs have become very popular today, creating more demand for NFT platforms, toolsets, and marketplaces. Although many NFT projects are already in the market, the complicated processes involved in creating, managing, and marketing NFTs have hindered many people from making their digital collectibles.
However, the platform NFT-MAKER supporting Cardano NFTs aims to simplify the process of creating, managing, and distributing these digital assets for creators.
NFT-MAKER is currently building a multi-chain ecosystem with the aim to equip artists, creators, developers, and brands to efficiently create, manage and scale digital art. In other words, the platform was designed to streamline NFT creation for anyone.
Built by a team of experts in the industry, NFT-MAKER provides multiple toolsets that reduce the entry barrier for end-users, artists, brands, and corporations. These tools allow anyone to create, sell or trade their artwork with minimal coding knowledge.
With an easy-to-access interface, simple processes, and a detailed knowledge hub, NFT-MAKER presents itself as a comprehensive digital art platform for minting, viewing, and trading NFTs.
The platform is built on the Cardano blockchain, allowing transaction fees to be as low as possible while having little environmental impact due to the Proof of Stake approach. Currently, the platform has minted more than 20% of all NFTs on the Cardano network.
NFT-MAKER has several features that make it one of the leading NFT platforms on Cardano.
This robust and scalable toolset consists of an NFT API that allows users to create, manage, and sell NFTs at scale on the Cardano blockchain. This toolset empowers users, especially large projects, with seamless sales and distribution processes.
The NFT-MAKER PRO aims to make NFT development easier by removing the complexities involved. It offers users mass minting, NFT management, on-demand NFT minting, and more.
The Payment Gateway works as a checkout system designed to standardize the NFT buying experience. The platform provides support to every major Cardano-based digital wallet and even enables fiat payments via credit card. It can also be easily integrated into a plethora of different products.
NFT-MAKER is developing an easily accessible NFT marketplace that is focused on providing an improved user experience and onboarding new artists and NFT enthusiasts. The marketplace is targeted at pushing the platform’s ultimate objective, which is to lower the barrier of entry into the NFT space.
With the increasing popularity of blockchain gaming recently, NFT-MAKER is developing a video game digital distribution service focused on Non-Play-To-Earn games. This feature will allow creators and developers to use NFTs to crowdfund their games and solve digital rights management issues.
The NMKR token is a Cardano-based token that powers the NFT-MAKER ecosystem. The cryptocurrency has a total supply of 10 billion tokens.
NFT-MAKER intends to create several utilities for the token to boost the development of its platform and maintain the long-term value of NMKR.
The cryptocurrency will help protect holders from digital fraud by ensuring that only community-verified projects are added to the NFT-MAKER ecosystem. This creates a fair environment for projects while securing the platform for all participants.
NMKR will also be used to support artists using NFT-MAKER to mint their artwork. It also grants all holders the right to steer the platform’s future direction by allowing them to vote on certain decisions.
NMKR is currently available for trading, swapping, and staking on several major Cardano-based decentralized exchanges (DEXs), including SundaeSwap and MiniSwap.
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