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Chirag Hira recaps last week’s Reignmakers Football news, examines the market report and previews the week ahead.
For the full breakdown of the roadmap, please visit the Reignmakers Football Landing Page.
It’s been an eventful week in the land of the Reignmakers with no shortage of electric moments. The Week 1 contests going LIVE in the lobby was definitely the most important, but GaryVee pulling a Legendary Justin Herbert on the live stream was the most exciting.
Speaking of GaryVee, did you know there is a VeeFriends League available? This league is free to enter and runs for the first four weeks of the season. The best part? You can win VeeFriends, Reignmakers packs and GaryVee experiences by entering player card NFTs that you received in your Starter Pack.
Btw, have you claimed your FREE Starter Pack but not opened it yet? If not, you should definitely go into your portfolio and break open the pack. Once the player card NFTs show up, you can join contests for FREE in the DraftKings NFT Game Lobby. There is no shortage of contests available, with the prizes being doubled to $2 million for Week 1.
Not only did Week 1 contests go live last week, but there were also some special notes added to the announcement. It’s been known for a while that the Week 1 theme was Field Pass holder contests, but for Week 2, the theme will be for all users that own Genesis cards. This is important with the Elevate drop in the Marketplace.
The main classic slate runs Thursday through Monday, but there are also Showdown contests available in the lobby for the Bills-Rams game that kicks off the season on Thursday, Sept. 8. If your collection mainly has Bucs, Cowboys, Broncos or Seahawks, you’re in luck because there are also Showdown contests already live for the SNF and MNF games.
FEATURED PLAYER (ALL SETS): Six athletes will be featured each week of the first six weeks of the season, and you can win their player cards to help throughout the season. Often, you can use the cards you win in Draft Groups later in the same week!
For Week 1:
● TNF: Tom Brady
● Sunday Classic: Javonte Williams, Keenan Allen and Kyler Murray
● SNF: Russell Wilson
● MNF: Austin Ekeler
Lastly, there was a NEW Deep Roster format announced for Week 4. Based on feedback regarding increasing the fantasy contest utility of more player card positions, such as Defensive Players, Kickers and Tight Ends, we will be launching a weekly Deep Roster format starting in Week 4 which requires those positions to field a valid roster.
● We will be targeting $200,000 weekly in cash and prizes in this Draft Group.
● During the regular season, this will be prized on top of existing $1 million per week of prizes. In other words – $200,000 per week of additional prizes will be paid out this year each week of the regular season, starting in Week 4.
● This new format will be in its own All Games draft group, typically locking on Thursday night and running until Monday Night Football ends on most weeks.
The roster and rarity requirements are as follows:
● 9-Player Card Roster: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, DEF, K, FLEX (non-QB)
On Thursday, Aug. 18, DraftKings Co-Founder Matt Kalish, collectibles expert Chris Costa and Vayner Media’s Gary Vaynerchuk all hung out on a live stream to crack open some packs and took questions from the Discord.
GaryVee had a bunch of unopened packs ready to go for the stream and was running absolutely cold in his pack breaks before the magical moment. Check out the clip below to see how things unfolded.
ICYMI: We witnessed an unreal pull on tonight’s stream ⚡️@mattkalish, @garyvee and Chris Costa react ⬇️
The best part was that he bought that pack off the secondary market and hit the Legendary Justin Herbert. If you haven’t had a chance to play around with the Marketplace, you can buy or sell packs, participate in auctions or just scoop up individual player card NFTs.
Stay tuned for more Watch Parties as we gear up for the season!
Our friends over at Lucky Trader examined market trends, provided some detailed observations and listed the top five risers and fallers in the CORE rarity tier. With the first game of the season between the Bills and Rams being a Showdown slate in the Week 1 contest lobby, collectors are prioritizing building the best possible lineup for the matchup.
With every day feeling like a week condensed into 24 hours, there is no shortage of news in Web3. The team over at Lucky Trader composed this article to help keep you informed on the latest announcements in the space and educated on the top projects to watch. There’s also a list of the top mints and reveals happening today with detailed analysis on each project.
The ELEVATE Set is the second major premium set drop in 2022 Reignmakers Football. This drop is important because it has the rookie debuts features top quality packs.
The quality starts in the CORE tier but doesn’t end there. There is 1 RARE and 2 CORE QB1 or Skill Starter player cards guaranteed in these packs. That really helps boost your lineup as you enter the Week 1 contests. It will also allow you to stay competitive for the remainder of the season due to the strength of those NFTs.
The CORE, RARE, ELITE and LEGENDARY all come with player cards that allow you to level up, so there are a few strategies to employ with this pack. For example, with the RARE card a lock in these packs, you can either flip it on the secondary market to help fund your CORE collection or flip the good CORE players to help level up to the RARE tier. With Franchise Score also an important factor to keep in mind for the preseason, it makes sense to hold on to as many cards as possible if building a collection.
At various times during the season, there will be snapshots of the Franchise Score to determine who is eligible to receive bonus reward prizing, including private contest access, swag, experiences and cash. The Top 10 Franchise scores as of November 30th, 2022, will even be awarded Qualifier Entries into the $1,000,000 Reignmaker Football World Championship in New Orleans, to compete for a share of the $1,000,000 in cash – including $250,000 to first place! Here’s how it works:
● You will earn a base amount of Franchise Score points for every Player Card NFT that you are holding in your Reignmakers Football collection, which is based on that card’s Rarity Tier.
● Cards from certain sets will receive a multiplier to their base Franchise Score points.
● Rookie cards will receive a 2x multiplier.
● If you are holding a 2022 Field Pass, your total Franchise Score will receive a boost of up to 5%, which is based on the highest rarity Field Pass that you own.
● Snapshots will capture your franchise score points and rank on the leaderboard at various points throughout the season to award prizing and rewards.
The first snapshot is on 9/7 for the Preseason Top 10,000 Leaderboard and the prize pool will have $250,000 in cash prizes + 100s of Prize Packs for the winners.
The Elevate pack has a total of five cards for the CORE, RARE, ELITE and LEGENDARY tiers and comes with eight in the REIGNMAKERS tier. You can start picking up any of the packs in the Marketplace now.
An Update Set was also announced since a few players were not on active rosters when the Genesis set was minted. Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins and Jarvis Landry will also be added to the Skill Starter category post-Elevate drop. The Update Set allows us to get the proper supply of cards for athletes into the game without going back and changing the past sets’ designs after they have been defined for you.
Lastly, the link to the article in the header of this Elevate section allows you to see the full checklist of players that will be available in the drop.
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