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Seth Green (left), Steve Aoki, and “Character X”. (Image supplied)
August 19, 2022August 19, 2022 |
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Grammy-awar -nominated music producer/DJ Steve Aoki and actor/director/producer Seth “Dr Evil’s son” Green have teamed up to create the first-ever (we think) community-driven animated NFT TV series.
It’s actually slightly more complicated than that… Pre-warning, we’re going to repeat the words “NFT project” three times in the next short paragraph…
Replicant X is the name of the American duo’s collaborated NFT project, and is a continuation of Aoki’s 2021 stop-motion “Dominion X” NFT project, which reportedly sold out in less than seven seconds. Guess Aoki’s pretty popular. Also, Replicant X serves as the next chapter in the music producer’s “mascot” NFT project, which is entitled Character X.
Does that make a pile of not-much-sense? Never mind, the main thing to note here is that Aoki, along with Green and his Stoopid Buddy Stoodios production team, is putting together an interactive NFT telly series based on a cute-looking character crypto/NFT fan Aoki dreamed up to be his mascot representation in the crypto world.
And fans/NFT collectors who want to get involved and interact, should probably try to get hold of Replicant X NFTs to help drive the plotline of the continuing saga as it unfolds. That can apparently occur through what the project(s) describe as gamified storytelling – choices holders of the NFTs make with each asset’s unique animated loops and original Aoki music.
Here’s that initial Dominion X short from last year, which was actually also produced by Green and his team… It was put together from 449 different NFTs to create 10 scenes…

The Replicant X NFT mint will serve to fund the first full episodes of the planned Dominion X TV series, which will be directed by Eric Towner and produced and designed by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.
Aoki will be heavily involved in that design process, apparently, and you kind of get that sense a little more clearly here…
More than PFPs…. they grant wishes 🧞‍♂️ Our website is up now w/ info about our new PFP project!! Free Mint? Perhaps. Allowlist? Definitely. And who could forget 🛣🛣🛣 a ROADMAP 🎊🎊🎊
— DominionX (@DominionX_NFT) June 18, 2022

According to info shared with Stockhead, an “Allowlist Mint” will take place on September 7, which will be open to previous Aoki and Seth Green NFT holders, including A0K1VERSE Passport, Stoopid Monkey, Pizza Bot, Dominion X, and Dream Catcher NFTs featuring Character X.
The public mint is then set for September 8 on the Ethereum blockchain, and select A0K1VERSE Passport holders can expect a free airdrop on September 9.
If interested, you should be able to find more details on the official Dominion X Twitter page in the coming weeks.
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