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By: Education and Careers Desk
Edited By: Damini Solanki
Last Updated: November 11, 2022, 15:28 IST
New Delhi, India
Kids can upload and sell their NFT to earn token virtual currency (Credits: Shutterstock)
An NFT platform for kids to showcase their talent will be launched at the Kukdukoo Art Festival. STEM Metaverse, an end-to-end experiential learning platform for students has built an in-house and blockchain-enabled NFT platform where kids can upload their artwork with complete security. They claim this is the first NFT platform for kids to showcase their talent. Kukdukoo Art Festival will be held at the Noida Stadium on the 12th and 13th of November 2022.
Curated to intrigue kids with interactive activities and special events, the Kukdukoo art festival is a two-day family festival that welcomes children and parents to experience a get-together with artists, educators, visual and art performances, and entertaining shows.
STEM Metaverse will be present at Stall DIY – 8 to launch the NFT platform where kids can upload and sell their NFT to earn token virtual currency that can be redeemed for educational products, courses, and content within the STEM Metaverse platform. This platform has been built, using blockchain, as a safe digital space for children to upload their artwork. During the Kukdukoo Art Festival, the platform will be introduced to kids and they will be encouraged to upload what they create in the art festival as an NFT. On every upload, children will be given a DIY Google Cardboard VR Headset Kit. Moreover, the brand will also have an AR/VR experience zone at the stall taking #ArtONTheCloud.
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“Many times, kids are extremely talented but only a few people know about this. The main aim behind creating the NFT platform for kids was to give children a platform to express themselves and share their work in a secure environment that is specially designed for kids. Uploading artwork on Opensea and other mainstream NFT platforms requires one to link wallets and earn through cryptocurrency which can be a lot for kids. Hence, the STEM metaverse NFT platform offers a highly secure blockchain-enabled space that is Copa Complaint and does not require the child to reveal their private details, like phone number, email etc. We are extremely excited to launch this at the Kukdukoo Art Festival and are looking forward to interacting with young kids and their parents. We are certain that this NFT platform will open up many opportunities for students to get recognized for their creativity and boost their confidence immensely.” shares Ritika Kumar, Co-founder of STEM Metaverse.
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