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NFT signalsNFT signals
NFTs have taken the art and collectibles worlds by storm, and much more besides, which is why there is excitement about the launch of NFT Signals (
The brand new algorithmic trading service for NFTs opens up a route to profits for ordinary people that don’t have the time or inclination to do the hard slog of researching this fast-moving crypto sector. 
So for those on the hunt for a profitable flip by getting on the inside track to the trendiest and hottest NFTs, NFT Signals and its NFT trading signals service is a must. 
All you have to do is fund your account and let the algorithm put on the trades – no work for the chance of big profits is a no brainer.
For sure, the industry has come off the boil since topping out with a sectoral valuation of $22 billion last year, but the utility value of NFTs has not gone anywhere. 
NFTs are still the most secure and trusted way to assign ownership to digital – and non-digital – assets in a world where we increasingly live, work and play online.
NFTs are not just about funky jpeg images. Top brands continue to pile into the sector – from Gucci to Nike – with their own offerings which often tie physical goods to digital receipts in the shape of NFTs. 
From sports cars to rare whisky, NFTs are being used to secure the provenance and authenticity of unique collectible real world assets.
Also, the importance of NFTs in unlocking the resale market for collectibles cannot be understated. 
For example, NBA Top Shots has grown its video clips collectibles into a business that generated trading volumes of $1 billion since launch towards the end of 2020, amassing more than half a million users. 
Recent research by Market Decipher estimates that the collectibles market generated revenue of $412 billion last year and will grow 50% over the next 10 years.
Over half of the consumers in key global markets surveyed by YouGov have heard of NFTs,, even if they don’t know exactly what they are. That is an amazing figure for a sector that was once upon a time an obscure corner of the crypto world.
Marketing is yet another business proposition that sees NFTs at the centre of the action. Brands such as Nike and Adidas are leading the way. 
These apparel firms are using NFTs to “flex” – a form of 21st century digital showing off, by producing limited edition NFTs that sell into various online communities. Notably in the case of Adidas it is collaborating with the wildly popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).
In December last year Nike acquired RTFKT, the creators of the CloneX NFT Collection.
But aside from billion-dollar corporations adopting the technology, or hundred billion dollar companies when it comes to Meta, with both Facebook and Instagram gearing up to support NFTs, perhaps the most exciting developments in the space come from the punk creators. 
Be it Apes or Whales, the appetite for unique artwork collections that capture the zeitgeist and have the potential to become overnight fashion sensations, is remarkable. 
But you have to be quick to catch these gems and trade them just as quickly – yes flipping is all the rage at the speculative end of the NFT scene  –  if you want to realise profits. 
The returns can be enormous. Initially selling for a mint price of ETH 0.08 in April last year, as of 4th July 2022 the most expensive piece in the 10,000 edition BAYC collection is Bored Ape Yacht Club #8817, valued at a floor price of $3,408,000. 
To gain exposure to the astronomic returns that are still to be had in the sector for those who know where to look, NFT Signals is a god-send.
NFT Signal’s algorithmic trading system is able to scan the market and access the whitelists where early buyers get the best prices before general release of newly minted collections.
Head over to NFT Signals and avail yourself of one of the trading signals packages, which start from £50. With this package you pay monthly and receive a minimum of five trading signals per week, insider info on how to get onto the whitelists for upcoming projects plus mint alerts.
You can pay quarterly £75 or £250 annually for the same package, bagging yourself a considerable saving. According to the website the £75 package is currently the most popular.
NFT Signals recommends that you don’t put up more than 5% of your account balance on any single trade.

Additionally, NFT Signals says it does not overtrade and aims to close out each month with a positive balance. Depending on market conditions, users will receive 20 to 40 signals per month.
NFT Signals head of marketing Darnell McWilliams, commenting on how the lunch is going, said: “Since launch last week, NFT signals has so far made its members a total profit of £318,979! ($381,052)”
McWilliams adds that if you purchase the £75 package today you will receive one month of free NFT signals
What’s not to like? So if you are looking to get ahead of the crowd, better jump on board this unique NFT signals service to grab crypto’s rich NFT opportunities. Fund your account and let the algo take the strain.
To keep up to speed with news from NFT Signals join the official Telegram group.
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