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With this step, Gulf News is moving toward joining the race toward digital space
The prominent daily English newspaper of Dubai, Gulf News, has stepped into the digital space with the NFT launch. Gulf News is reported to become a proud owner of their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection that was created and went live for the first time in the digital world. The UAE-based newspaper has organized a two-day tech event dubbed Web3 DeCode that had brought the experience to its audience about the journey in digital space that contained a whole series of achieved photographs. 
Gulf News has partnered with a blockchain-based virtual reality platform, Virtua, to launch its NFT collection. Virtua has also been the marketplace for the NFT collection of Gulf News. Head of Art at Virtua NFT Marketplace, Paul Wallis, has earlier experience working with popular brands like Hero ISL, Paramount, Legendary Entertainment and Williams Racing. Gulf News has also been added to the list. 
Wallis stated that Gulf News is again pushing forward while embracing the cutting edge Web 3, a new and decentralized version of the internet, and integration of blockchain and the metaverse. Virtua Head of Art believes that preserving the archives of Gulf News in the form of NFTs would be interesting and increase the average reader engagement. 
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This would be made possible due to the NFTs having a collection of moments from major events in the history of UAE that Gulf News had compiled. According to Wallis, this way, the collectors of these NFTs will own a piece of history as they own the Gulf News NFTs. Given the metaverse keeps growing and coming to life, it consistently enables the Gulf News team to host events and gallery exhibitions like programs. 
Wallis said about the NFTs that they possess a series of colours, black and white, sepia, while they are priced in such a way that it would be easy and affordable for almost everyone to get a piece of this NFT collection. During the announcement of the official launch of Gulf News’ virtual reality (VR) gallery, Wallis said that similar to all other art, NFT artworks are also not to be seen as an attachment with utility. Buying an NFT is the same as someone would buying a piece of art from a gallery.
CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center, Marwan Al Zarouni, has led the NFT launch even while Gulf News CEO, Editor in Chief and Executive Director of Publishing, Abdul Hamid Ahmad, was also there alongside Head of Art at Virtua, Paul Wallis, on the stage. 
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