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If you’ve been searching for different NFTs, you might have learned of the Imaginary One NFTs. Because of their recently released 3D NFTs, they have been discussed. Among the many NFT holders that followed the Toon Finance pre-sale were the Imaginary One NFT holders.
Even during its pre-sale, Toon Finance could solidly carve out a space for itself in the crypto market despite not being fully published yet. But why did Toon Finance appeal to the owners of Imaginary One NFT?
This thorough explanation will assist you in understanding the Imaginary One and the justification for the NFT holders’ choice to use Toon Finance.
NFT 2022 also includes The Imaginary One as a project. In April, the initiative was formally launched.
Two Singaporeans developed the Ethereum-based NFT. There are 8,888 unique, 3D-animated NFTs in the Imaginary One collection. Within the initial 4 minutes of the launch, all 8,888 NFTs disappeared.
The 8,888 NFT chars reportedly brought in close to $20 million in sales.
When an NFT venture sells out within the starting 4 minutes of going live, it’s both spectacular and unlikely simultaneously. Why did collectors then move so rapidly to seize it? NFTs were plentiful, but they all disappeared within the initial 4 minutes. What made NFTs so well-liked?
The fully animated and 3D NFT characters from Imaginary One are key elements to their attraction. The lack of 3D NFT characters in the past astounded NFT collectors.
The Dutch public auction sold about 4,488 items, with the remaining being sold at a private auction. The price during the open sale was planned to reduce by 0.1 ETH every 15 mins. Because they intended to buy the NFT for the least amount of money possible, the supporters waited until the very last moment. They might have made a substantial profit if they had done this.
The Imaginary One team is also well-known internationally, unlike many NFT developers who are still unknown. They don’t manufacture many NFTs, but their customers are well-known.
David Lee & Clement Chia, both of Singapore, discovered the Imaginary One NFT. The two have a history of employment in the digital media industry.
The motion graphics and animation studio OFFSET employed the founders. With their cooperation, these animated, 3D NFT characters were created.
They not only worked for OFFSET, but Clement was also one of its founding members. Although many assert that having digital media experience won’t help them, this has been disproven.
In addition, Clement Chia worked on more NFT initiatives before the Imaginary One collection. Since he debuted the collection, twelve of his thirteen NFT pieces have already been sold. Additionally, the cost of the 13-piece set rises to almost 11 ETH.
But the Imaginary One NFT project didn’t receive such a high price from the market. It is traded on the secondary market for 1 or 1.1 ETH.
They were all taken by Toon Finance after they arrived.
The NFT and meme coins project, also popular as the Toon Finance Coin (TFT), was unveiled in the middle of 2022. But this NFT initiative is distinct from the others. One of the first attempts at meme currency, this project turns memes into digital assets.
Even though the project hadn’t been formally launched yet, a sizable presale took place in October’s 2nd week. Around the presale, over 500 million meme coins were sold at a discount.
The launch of Memecoins on the market shocked everyone. Making your favorite meme a virtual asset is the best way to introduce people to something new.
The TFT pre-sale also performed better than several competitors, including SHIBU tokens, Tamadoge, Imaginary One, and more. A substantial fraction of Imaginary One NFT owners were seen buying Toon Finance at this time.
Not to mention, Toon Finance is more than just a producer of NFTs or meme money. They have a lot more to offer with their Toon Finance Protocol, which will make working in the bitcoin industry simpler for you.
The Toon Finance Protocol is a DEX platform that caters to those who adore cryptocurrencies. The site facilitates safe cryptocurrency, NFT, and another digital asset trading.
The protocol also enables the listing of NFTs and the linking of blockchains. Because there wasn’t a platform like this in the market, Toon Finance was developed to address the need.
Participating in the presale could provide you prior access to the protocol and keep you informed of all the plans the company has. Secondary markets  and intermediaries would no longer be needed if the protocol were to be used. Toon Finance provides a single platform via which all activities can be carried out.
The Imaginary One NFT owners took this as an excellent chance to gather some unique meme currencies and get involved in the Toon Finance community. The Toon Finance Coin, however, has greater application to why owners of Imaginary One NFT were drawn to it.

toon finance
Many owners of Imaginary One NFTs were seen purchasing Toon Finance during the presale. There are probably many factors contributing to this, but the following are the most important ones you need to be aware of:
Businesses had already engaged in pre-sales before Toon Finance. The pre-sale was hosted at several additional stores, including Tamadoge and SHIBU. The Toon Finance pre-sale, however, shattered all previous records like a wrecking ball.
Nobody could have imagined that a new endeavor would seriously threaten Tamadoge. However, the moment the pre-sale pricing was made public, word of the newcomer spread throughout the whole cryptocurrency market.
With its low rates and alluring terms, Toon Finance quickly attracted many Imaginary One NFT holders. Furthermore, the TFT trading prices were significantly more expensive than the Tamadoge pre-sale prices.
The Imaginary One NFT project doesn’t appear to advance despite having unique and endearing characters. As of right now, the floor price is still 0.58 ETH. On the open market, the project was initially sold for 1.1 ETH.
Collectors of Imaginary One have shifted to Toon Finance due to this crisis. The Toon Finance project successfully showed the audience the growth it will soon experience at the pre-sale.
They will unquestionably make a sizable profit if they buy the TFTs during the pre-sale. Additionally, Toon Finance made a pre-sale announcement that 10,000 new NFT characters would be released soon.
To the first 1,000 members of each community, NFTs will be airdropped. You can participate in their community if you buy the meme coins during the pre-sale. The owners of Imaginary One NFT couldn’t let this chance slip away.
A digital item that is no longer useful is useless to everyone. On the other hand, demand increases directly to the asset’s usefulness.
The Toon Finance coins are really useful. In the sector, the coins can be used for anything. The fact that you can use their NFTs in the metaverse, multiple gaming settings, and the realm of Toon Finance is their biggest feature.
It has several uses and offers many advantages that you can take advantage of. Additionally, many other items, including different digital assets, can be bought using the Toon Finance coins.
This option wasn’t available with Imaginary One NFTs, and its benefit was only marginal.
You do not need to submit your transactions to a higher authority because the Toon Finance Protocol runs on a decentralized channel. This can also be used to list and trade NFTs and other digital assets anonymously. This provides you confidence when trading and protects the privacy of your information.
This was done to protect customers from online fraud and other similar conduct. On the other hand, Toon Finance is committed to making the transactions much safer for you if you maintain your identity.
However, you must use secondary markets to buy and sell Imaginary One NFTs. You must therefore utilize your details and bitcoin wallet for such transactions. As a result, there may be a greater risk of theft and several other crimes.
Global experts complimented Toon Finance for taking this measure. Toon Finance works around the clock to ensure your safe and secure experience.
Due to these factors, many Imaginary One NFT owners bought Toon Finance during the pre-sale. It was only the pre-sale, but everyone knows what a great project this is. The release, scheduled on January 1, 2023, is now only being anticipated by the general public.
As more information becomes available, stay in touch.
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