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Nov 10, 2022
Continuing its support of the Polygon nonfungible token ecosystem, NFT marketplace OnePlanet has just announced a revived version of its launchpad service. Creators can now mint their collections to Polygon directly through the platform. 
OnePlanet was originally among the premier NFT marketplaces on the Terra network. After the blockchain’s native stablecoin UST suffered a major meltdown in May, the platform shifted its operation to the Ethereum scaling solution Polygon. 
The NFT marketplace OnePlanet has revived its launchpad on the Polygon network. The feature was originally launched in January on the Terra blockchain. However, Terra’s meltdown in May — caused by its native asset LUNA hyperinflating — forced the project to move to Polygon in September. 
The launchpad provides a platform for NFT collections to reach a wider audience and access to OnePlanet’s marketing resources. It also enables projects to easily deploy custom launches, creating unique minting experiences. A press release detailing the launchpad states refers to “gamified features,” for example.
Play-to-earn horse racing game Derby Stars has the honor of becoming the launchpad’s first project. The game previously debuted collections through OnePlanet’s launchpad when the marketplace was deployed on Terra, and set the record for the platform’s fastest sellout — one minute and 30 seconds. 
During the Derby Stars launch — the date of which is still unannounced — the project will drop 1,000 free Randombox NFTs via an allowlist and public sales. Referring to the Randombox event, the project’s Twitter account posted: 
“We spent months creating an unforgettable event.” 
Commenting on OnePlanet’s commitment to expanding Polygon NFTs, the marketplace’s CEO, Pryce Cho, stated:
“OnePlanet has been working closely with Polygon Studios to expand the Polygon NFT ecosystem and the upcoming launchpad service will contribute to accelerating its growth.”
OnePlanet experienced a swell of attention when Reddit Avatars were added to the marketplace recently. The discussion forum’s foray into NFTs successfully onboarded millions of new users since it launched in July. 
Polygon can’t stay out of the news lately. The Ethereum scaling network’s native token MATIC jumped by more than 50% to trade at a local high of $1.29 after it was revealed that it would power Instagram’s NFT integration. 
Alongside Meta and Reddit, JP Morgan also recently used Polygon to test live trading on a public blockchain. Such additions only add to Polygon’s stellar list of partnerships, which already includes names like Disney, Robinhood and Starbucks. 
Derby Stars is by no means the only Terra NFT project flocking to Polygon. In the few weeks since launching, OnePlanet has helped move more than 60 collections from the defunct blockchain to Polygon. 
OnePlanet’s shift to Polygon came after the Terra blockchain imploded in May 2022. Less than a month after the event that rocked the crypto markets and saw various funds collapse, OnePlanet announced the move, citing: 
“Key factors such as mass adoption, market opportunities, stability and foundation-level support.”

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