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There’s a new non-fungible token (NFT) drop coming to Oni Society is the highly anticipated NFT project that will launch on December 22. 
To learn more about this upcoming token drop and why more and more digital artists are opting to launch their NFT collection on RareCandy opposed to BSV’s other NFT platforms, I caught up with @Sleepless117, the creator of the Oni Society NFT collection.
What inspired you to create Oni Society and launch it on Bitcoin SV?
I was pretty close to using other platforms, especially Solana because I didn’t want to deal with Ethereum’s fees, but I always wanted to prioritize NFTs on BSV. I just felt like I would be left behind if I didn’t take action. I got into crypto in 2019 and I was introduced to BSV back then, so I pretty much went down the rabbit hole and learned all about it. The fact that NFTs on BSV are actually on-chain and have incredibly tiny fees is really impressive and I think a lot of these NFT platforms will need to come to a solution like this eventually.
I’ve wanted to create NFTs for a long time on BSV but what I wanted to create wasn’t possible with the available marketplaces which were lacking in many areas, so I put my projects on hold. As soon as it became possible to launch generative collections on BSV, I saw the opportunity to make a generative collection in a unique style/theme that I haven’t really seen before in the NFT world. I always wanted to do a generative collection but I didn’t think I would dive in this soon.
Oni are usually visualized as big Japanese ogres but I wanted to humanize them in an anime cyberpunk style. I really like the idea of having three different types of Oni. It helps for creating and expanding the lore behind it and the communities that can be created surrounding each Society.
The name Oni Society isn’t really connected to me in any way. I wanted something Japanese-related like “samurai gang,” but after all my name ideas, Oni Society just felt right and worked out perfectly.
What made you choose RareCandy instead of the BSVs other NFT platforms?
I’ve waited a long time in the hopes that there would be a high-quality marketplace built on BSV. There were many promising platforms, but they never really delivered or went in the direction I was hoping for. Once RareCandy showed me their vision, I was hooked. Beautiful UI with the features I’ve wanted. The full package. They are really motivated to make it the best, so it wasn’t hard to choose them!
Launching on RareCandy makes me feel like my NFTs have a proper home. Having various sorting filters, rarity rankings, and other information all together in one package. I also know I won’t be limited with what I want to create in any way.
I feel confident in releasing future work on RareCandy. They have a committed team that will help me with anything I need and will do whatever it takes to bring both of our visions into reality. These last few weeks everyone has been working an incredible amount to get us ready to launch and I’m really excited for what they have planned!
Why do you think we are seeing an increased demand for NFTs at the moment?
I think [it’s because] the NFT space in BSV is getting a massive step up from what it used to be. We are starting to see more quality in the work and of course the new competition in the platforms. I believe RareCandy saw what was lacking and took the opportunity to build something better. With the quality all around increasing, and more people getting involved, I think that will increase the demand for NFTs. We are just at the beginning here.
The Oni launch
Oni Society will be launching on December 22 at When it comes to the mint price, Sleepless says that the mint price is, “still-secret info but it will be higher than BasedApes which were 0.218 BSV.”
To learn more and to stay up to date with the latest developments around Oni Society, you are going to want to follow both Oni Society and RareCandy on Twitter.
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