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As a partner to the actual Rugrats and Hey Arnold! Drops, RECUR has produced 12 original, brand-new NFTs with some assistance from their friends. With a 24-hour auction of these extremely rare NFTs, OpenSea will assist in launching their harking back to the Nickelodeon moments of the 1990s. The kids’ channel Nickelodeon promoted the first NFT experience, which was anticipated to launch last month. The new developments show NFTs’ potential as toys for kids is expanding. The Nickelodeon collection is being created in collaboration with Recur. Viacom CBS owns Nickelodeon and announced a partnership with Recur in October.
The audience for Nickelodeon in the 1990s is probably in their late 20s and early 30s now, which is closer to the age range of typical NFT consumers.
You’ll be thrilled when you run into some of your old friends. All of them will be prepared to be collected and suited up! This special bidding will include some beloved characters from Hey Arnold! and Rugrats, such as Angelica, Rhonda, Tommy, Lil, Helga, Susie, Gerald, Arnold, Chuckie, Phoebe, Phil, and Harold, similar to the Nickelodeon NFT collection. Contrary to the Nickelodeon NFT set, these characters are clad in vintage attire. 2 venerable cartoon series, 2 bands of miscreants, and a unique experience.
In ETH, the starting bid will be $50. Visit OpenSea beginning on July 15 at 2 p.m. ET to put your bid price and participate in the excitement.
The final bidder will be the lucky recipient of a special Nickelodeon NFT character that is exclusive to them and isn’t available elsewhere once the auction concludes on July 16 at 2 p.m. ET.
There are also a few additional surprises for the select few of you who will be able to claim one as your own. All of the following will be given to the 12 successful bidders:-
The RECUR Pass is a group of distinctive NFTs created to provide the early NFT community with special access to digital collectibles from the most well-known brands in the world. Each generative RECUR Pass NFT provides its holder with early access and advantages throughout the RECUR ecosystem, across its brands and intellectual property, in the metaverse, and elsewhere.
Prepare to embark on OpenSea by gathering your rattle and cleaning off your banana costume.
The best way for OpenSea to break open this time capsule would have been to bring Nickelodeon there. Still, there will be more joy to be had when the comprehensive Nickelodeon NFT drop starts on July 18 for some RECUR Pass Holders and on July 19 for everyone else. There’ll be plenty of other chances to win, so don’t go home if you don’t win your bid.
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