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Launching on January 15th 2023, the Pessimistic Donkey College NFT project will operate on a royalty-free model to encourage trading and participation after launch – with a focus on long-term growth for its investor community. include . This new project will be launching on January 15, 2023.
With sales of non-fungible tokens falling for the 6th straight month, and falling by 60% in just Q3 to Q4 this year, it’s understandable to say the market is feeling pessimistic. A number of factors contribute to this such as interest rate increases cooling the economy and the novelty of purely aesthetic NFTs failing to attract investor attention.
Pessimistic Donkey College, hopes to rally the bear market by introducing the NFT project that provides a new investment opportunity with a focus on long-term growth of an investor community. This new project will be launching on January 15, 2023.
In order to help support investors, the project is also going to be run on a royalty-free model to encourage trading and participation in the project post-launch. This is in line with the innovative stake system being developed to run alongside it.
As an addition to launching the NFT, Pessimistic Donkey College will be producing a weekly mental health podcast to raise awareness and educate their audience on the increasingly important topic. This approach of pairing an NFT with a socially conscious project is a new step for the industry and demonstrates that NFT projects can be used for the public good.
The evolutionary goals of the project and their commitment to bringing pessimistic investors together in the bear market show an understanding that NFT projects need to change and develop past tools of investment and move into community-driven environments and can enact a positive social impact.
About Pessimistic Donkey College Pessimistic Donkey College is a new NFT project by co-founders: JAY, Draco, DEL, TT, and their teams. One of the project’s major goals is to reinvigorate interest in the face of the bear market by offering a new collection of images as well as utilities and a royalty-return system.
The plans for this project are to take another step in the NFT space beyond previous competitors.
In addition to the minting of NFTs, the project will also produce a weekly mental health podcast.
Pessimistic Donkey College
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